2695 2449 ZENS POWERBANK FOR APPLE WATCH The Zens Apple Watch Powerbank allows you to charge and always have your Apple Watch connected. This unique powerbank has a capacity of 1.300 mAh allowing you to recharge your Apple Watch up to 3 times. ZENS APPLE IPHONE & WATCH POWERBANK The ultimate companion for your Apple watch or iPhone. This new 4.000 mAh powerbank will charge both your iPhone or Apple Watch. 1.300 mAh 4.000 mAh Apple MFI approved. Apple MFI approved. No need to add your own Apple Watch charger. DIMENSIONS- 40 X 40 X 32 MM | IMPRINT- 20 X 15 MM 2448 ZENS PORTABLE POWER PACK NEW unique wireless charging station. Simply place your Qi enabled power pack on the charging station and charging will begin. Once charged the powerbank can be used anywhere and with any mobile devices. The Qi enabled Power Pack can also be charged anywhere that supports Qi Wireless charging spots now found in many public places and even cars. 10.400 7.800 mAh 5.200 3.000 2A Output, LED power indicator. DIMENSIONS- 135 X 40 X 17 MM | IMPRINT- ON REQUEST 25 2 USB ports, 2A Output for high efficiency charging. Multi battery capacity options: 3.000/5.200/7.800/10.400mAh. DIMENSIONS- 79 X 79 X 25 MM | IMPRINT- 40 X 10 MM

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