Up Date… Technology is constantly changing and at very high speeds! JUST think… Internet of Things, Smarter APPs, Ai, VR/AR, USB to the new Type C, processor speeds i.e. 4G becomes 5G and who knows what next …? This means you need to stay in touch and is why we are here to help… Our mission is to keep you updated and bring the latest technology to the marketing arena, it’s what we do and has been part of our DNA for over 25 years now… We believe the combination of creative vision, trending eye for design, innovation and quality coupled with local market knowledge is the most powerful tool we can offer you. We work closely with strategic supply chain partners across the globe to ensure ethical sourcing, compliance, top quality materials and 100% branding accuracy for your customers. This is what makes our product range of gadgets ideal for retail, promotional and loyalty/incentive. We are pleased to include a taste of our range in this catalogue, for the full assortment please call us... Enjoy the best in gadgets…now and in the future

Our partners

Xoopar We are proud to co-create with this award-winning design / manufacturing partner. Our objective here is to launch product that combines innovative design, intelligent technology and allows us to offer you the very best in branding. This results in an emotional desire to keep hold of the product and hence keep your logo always in sight. Xoopar specialise in designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative IT electronics / gadgets. How to pronounce Xoopar? “Xoopar” comes from the word “super”, i.e. super development, quality, compliance, etc. People will always remember Xoopar when pronouncing super. Design Philosophy Our goal is to combine “Innovative product concept, Intelligent technology and Exciting design”, beneath a unique finish using quality materials to create an emotional desire to own and use the product. Philips Celebrating now over 90 years of ground breaking design. The list of their new inventions has changed the way we all live our lives and improve our health and wellbeing. A carefully selected range of products is available, mostly from stock designed to enhance your brand, designed with your next campaign in mind. ZENS Wireless charging . smart . simple . fast A pioneer in wireless charging. The market is growing quickly with a definitive push toward wireless charging in society. The automotive market is a good example with manufacturers such as Audi, Ford and BMW, issuing press-releases regarding their adoption of the technology. Ikea accelerated its speed even more, showcasing a new collection of Qi integrated furniture. Embedding invisible smart technologies Office furniture that wirelessly recharges smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and even laptops?



LED COLOURS 3171 Geo Powerbank Following the successful GeoMouse, we are now delighted to launch the GEO Powerbank. With striking LED logo branding this 4.000 mAh powerbank is quite unique and most definitely something to make your target audience remember your brand. Includes LED display power, charging cable (lightning and micro-USB) and handy storage pouch. 4.000 mAh LED Y cable included. 5V Input, 1.5A Output. Grade A Li-Polymer battery. UL certified, ensured safety. DIMENSIONS- 120 X 69 X 13 MM LOGO AREA- 35 X 20 MM


3190 Kangaroo Battery Charger Handy USB device allows you to keep your AA or AAA rechargeable batteries fully charged. LED logo branding makes your logo shine! A practical promotional gadget that is sure to stay with your target audience and highlight your branding. LED With overcharge protection. Charges AAA or AA batteries. Charge your batteries directly from your laptop / computer. 0,5 A Input, 0,5 A Output. Average charging time of 8 hours. DIMENSIONS- 91 X 40 X 23 MM | LOGO AREA- 74 X 25 MM

RING Ring Slim 4.000 mAh LED LED Battery % indicator

3174 Ring Slim Powerbank Slim and lightweight powerbank with top quality 4.000 mAh battery to keep your devices powered up during the working day. Quick charge feature and 1.5A output makes it a stylish business tool. Good branding area, multi phone charging adapter, LED power indicators and colour contrasting trim in many stocked colours make it an ideal brand reminder. Powerbank 5V Input, 1.5A Output. With overcharge protection. Grade A Li-ion Polymer battery. Complete product is UL certified. DIMENSIONS- 124 X 66 X 11 MM IMPRINT- 101 X 54 MM

3170 Tower Charging Bar Innovative charging station to allow for communal charging of smart phones / tablets. The AC mains driven Charging Tower is supplied with 6x high speed USB ports suitable for different devices and also features up to 6 Slimline powerbanks which can be kept fully charged and so ready to fuel a device on demand. Add to this your logo in ‘lights’ via the Illuminated front area and worldwide travel plugs and you have the ultimate corporate charging station. chargingto 4.000 mAh LED 3172 Ring Slim Power Bank for Tower charging bar Grade A Li-Polymer battery. Digital LED power indicator, Y cable included. DIMENSIONS- 124 X 66 X 11 MM | IMPRINT- 101 X 54 MM

o RING ower LED 3170 Tower Charging Bar DC 5V/ 9A Max Output. 6x 1.2A or 3x 2.4A USB ports. UK-US-AU-EU adapters included. 4 Ring Slim Power Banks included. Anti-theft design, never lose the cables. Compatible with all types of mobile devices with included Y-cables. Circuit Design with Over-Heated, Over-Charging & Over-Current Protection. LED COLOURS DIMENSIONS- 170 X 129 X 48 MM | LOGO AREA- 77.6 X 23.2 MM

3139 SQUID MINI LED LOGO 4.000 mAh LED Grade A Li-ion battery. Charger with twin USB port. Indicator shows remaining battery power. DIMENSIONS- 85 X 43 X 23 MM | LOGO AREA- 38 X 16 MM

3162 SQUID BUBBLE BANG 5000 5.000 mAh LED Grade A Li-Polymer battery. 2A Input, 2.1A output for tablets and smartphones. DIMENSIONS- 127 X 66 X 13 MM | LOGO AREA- 78 X 42.5 MM 4.000 mAh LED 3161 SQUID BUBBLE BANG 4000 1A Input/Output. Grade A Li-Polymer battery. DIMENSIONS- 112 X 58 X 13 MM | LOGO AREA- 37 X 64 MM

3155 SQUID MAX 2500 1A Input, 1A Output. Grade A Li-ion battery. 2.500 mAh LED DIMENSIONS- 94 X 30 X 27 MM LOGO AREA- 80 X 20 MM 3146 3148 5.000 mAh LED SQUID MAX 5000 SQUID MAX 7500 7.500 mAh LED Grade A Li-ion battery. Grade A Li-ion battery. 2A Input, 2.1A output for tablets and smartphones. DIMENSIONS- 90 X 40 X 17 MM | LOGO AREA- 20 X 40 MM 2.1A output for tablets and smartphones. DIMENSIONS- 90 X 60 X 17 MM | LOGO AREA- 40 X 60 MM

3163 RING POWER BANK RING 2.600 mAh 1A Input, 1A Output. Grade A Li-ion battery. DIMENSIONS- 28 X 28 X 93 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM

2170 JUPITER POWERBANK 2.000 mAh 1A Input, 1A Output. Grade A Li-ion battery. Product is UL certified. USB to Micro-USB Cable Include. DIMENSIONS- 22 X 22 X 95 MM | IMPRINT- 65 X 10 MM

3153 PORTABLE CHARGER PRO LITE 5.000 mAh LED Grade A Li-Polymer battery, 2A Input, 2A Output. 8Pin (iPhone 5/6/7) & Micro USB (Android) connectors. DIMENSIONS- 66 X 134 X 8 MM | IMPRINT- 56 X 95 MM 3166 PROMOCARD POWERBANK 2.500 mAh 8Pin (iPhone 5/6/7) & Micro USB (Android) connectors. DIMENSIONS- 84 X 55 X 5 MM | IMPRINT- 84 X 55 MM

POWER everywhere 10.000 mAh 10.000 mAh 3173 Edge Powerbank Grade A Li-Polymer battery. Input: Micro USB 5V. Output: Double USB 2.1A. DIMENSIONS- 145 X 75 X 18 MM | IMPRINT- 107 X 51 MM

2in1 2071 iCables Split lightning and micro connectors. Charges all smartphones and tablets. DIMENSIONS- 4 X 4 X 1.000 MM | IMPRINT- 10 X 4 MM 3in1 2078 iCables 5V Input, 2A Output. 1.000mm cable length. Our best- selling MFI cable is now also suitable for USB C. Included in this 3-1 Cable is Micro USB, 8pin Lightning (MFI) and USB Type C connector. Subtle engraving and a classy cord cable make this a must have promotional gadget. 3 in 1 MFI Cable: Micro USB + Lightning 8-pin + Type C. DIMENSIONS- 4 X 4 X 1.000 MM | IMPRINT- 10 X 4 MM

Light up Charge Innovative charger which features light and movement sensor, ideal for finding valuables in the dark and an emergency power boost for your smart phone. Includes high quality leather keychain for branding and to keep your logo always close at hand. 500 mAh LED ILITE CHARGER Grade A Li-Polymer battery. DIMENSIONS- 60 X 60 X 18,5 MM | IMPRINT- 25 X 25 MM

2190 SolarCharger 10000mAh Powerful solar charger with a top quality 10.000 mAh internal battery ideal for charging multiple phones and tablets. High grade solar cells allow for a quick recharge via solar energy or via micro USB power if the sun is not shining on you! 10.000 mAh Grade A Li-Polymer battery. Input: Micro USB 2A. Output: Double USB 2.1A. DIMENSIONS- 85 X 165 X 18 MM | SOLAR PANEL- 78 X 125 X 18 MM IMPRINT- 40 X 10 MM FRONT & 30 X 80 MM BACK

WIRELESS CHARGING Qi is the sign of interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers. In the near future, devices such as smartphones, cameras and MP3 players will incorporate Qi technology. 2443 2447 ZENS WIRELESS CHARGER PAD ZENS QI WIRELESS POWERBANK 4500 mAh Full compatibility of your device. Qi-certified induction technology. Great for travelling. Charges Qi-compatible devices and others via USB. DIMENSIONS- 125 X 125 X 67.5 MM | IMPRINT- 40 X 80 MM DIMENSIONS- 125 X 12.5 X 67.5 MM | IMPRINT- 55 X 25 MM

2695 2449 ZENS POWERBANK FOR APPLE WATCH The Zens Apple Watch Powerbank allows you to charge and always have your Apple Watch connected. This unique powerbank has a capacity of 1.300 mAh allowing you to recharge your Apple Watch up to 3 times. ZENS APPLE IPHONE & WATCH POWERBANK The ultimate companion for your Apple watch or iPhone. This new 4.000 mAh powerbank will charge both your iPhone or Apple Watch. 1.300 mAh 4.000 mAh Apple MFI approved. Apple MFI approved. No need to add your own Apple Watch charger. DIMENSIONS- 40 X 40 X 32 MM | IMPRINT- 20 X 15 MM 2448 ZENS PORTABLE POWER PACK NEW unique wireless charging station. Simply place your Qi enabled power pack on the charging station and charging will begin. Once charged the powerbank can be used anywhere and with any mobile devices. The Qi enabled Power Pack can also be charged anywhere that supports Qi Wireless charging spots now found in many public places and even cars. 10.400 7.800 mAh 5.200 3.000 2A Output, LED power indicator. DIMENSIONS- 135 X 40 X 17 MM | IMPRINT- ON REQUEST 2 USB ports, 2A Output for high efficiency charging. Multi battery capacity options: 3.000/5.200/7.800/10.400mAh. DIMENSIONS- 79 X 79 X 25 MM | IMPRINT- 40 X 10 MM

0914 RING CAR CHARGER RING Twin port USB car charger suited to most gadgets (3.1A). Good branding area up to 4 colour process. 3.1A Output. 2 USB ports. DIMENSIONS- 33 X 33 X 70 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 15 MM

2073 logoCharge logo shine… LED’s change from ange to green as the device becomes fully charged. Award winning soft touch charging cable (micro / lightning) with LED light to make your ange gree een en 2.4A Output. Cable length 1.000mm. Data transmission 27M/s. LED LED DIMENSIONS- 15 X 56 X 8 MM | LED LOGO- 8 X 3 MM | LOGO AREA- 13 X 4 MM

3165 HUG BOOSTER Very cute logo key chain with LED branding 500 mAh LED Includes built in charging cables (micro / lightning) and handy 500 mAh battery for emergency charging. Unique and the perfect way to keep your logo in front of your target audience. Cable length 60mm. 1A Input, 0,5A Output. Micro & Lightning cable. DIMENSIONS- 51 X 45 X 18 MM | LOGO AREA- 29 X 21.6 MM

WITH CLIP 0913 Smart charging USB hub to keep all your gadgets charged whilst driving. Features 5 x USB ports all of which charge at 2.4A allowing for multiple charging of most gadgets. Smart 5 CarCharger 5x charging DIMENSIONS: 75 X 20 X 15 MM HUB: 85 X 25 X 18 MM IMPRINT OPTION 1: 25 X 10 MM IMPRINT OPTION 2: 35 X 10 MM CABLE: 1.500 MM COLOUR: WGY, BGY

AnyShape Lightning and Micro USB Think it! Shape it! Create your own charging cable in the shape of your logo. Includes micro / lightning connectors. CUSTOMIZED 2077 ANYSHAPE CABLE LENGTH: 300 MM 2075 ANYSHAPE XL CABLE LENGTH: 1.000 MM

PowerPen 3003 ONE ADAPTOR 2178-2179-2180 POWERPEN PowerPen 2179 PowerPen Torch 2178 USB PowerPen 2180 1A Output. Works in over 150 countries. Includes universal AC-outlet and built-in USB charger. DIMENSIONS- 83 X 62 X 60 MM | IMPRINT- 40 X 20 MM 2178 | DIMENSIONS- 14,5 X 143 MM | IMPRINT- 50 X 7 MM 2179 | DIMENSIONS- 14,5 X 162 MM | IMPRINT- 50 X 7 MM 2180 | DIMENSIONS- 14,5 X 144 MM | IMPRINT- 50 X 7 MM

2076 OCTOPUS 2 Type-C Micro USB Android & Windows Phones Lightning iPhone 5/6/7 USB AC Power/Computer USB Power The top selling Octopus just got better! Updated charging adapter now with USB C, micro and lightning for iPhone 5/6/7. Lightning USB, MFI application and Type-C Micro USB connectors. DIMENSIONS- 35 X 114 X 12 MM | IMPRINT- 23 X 23 MM

3164 AIR POWERBANK Ultra slim powerbank for all your gadgets. Features large branding area for mirror effect, 4 colour process, solid colours and subtle engraving. 4.000 mAh DIGITAL DISPLAY FOR POWER STATUS INDICATION Grade A Li-Polymer battery. Digital LED display, 1.5A Input, 1.5A Output. DIMENSIONS- 120 X 65 X 7.2 MM | IMPRINT- 35 X 20 MM

Give Light, Get Lig

ht Package

25.000 60 COUNTRIES as part of Give Light, Get Light More Than LIGHTS distributed to charities in more than 1510 LuminAID An inflatable light source / lantern powered by solar energy. The light intensity can be set to four different levels and can give up to 32 hours of light. Good branding area and a percentage of each sale goes to charity, so you can promote your brand and give to a great cause. Very useful gadget for outdoor, camping or emergency. Print area of 30 x 30 mm logo.

LED Charging time: 7-10 hours of Sun. Maximum runtime: 30 hours per charge. Charge indicator turns green when battery is charged. Lithium-Polymer Ion battery with hundreds of recharge cycles. DIMENSIONS- FOLDED: 76 X 127 X 6,3 MM | INFLATED: 317,5 X 215,9 X 127 MM | IMPRINT- 30 X 30 MM


P2060 Fit Bracelet Water resistant soft touch TPU Bluetooth Smart Wristband / Watch worn around the wrist with OLED display. Allows the user to monitor activity levels and overall lifestyle. Includes time feature, tracking / monitoring goals for steps, activity, speed, sleep patterns, missed calls etc. Fit Lithium battery. Bluetooth 4.0. IP67 waterproof. DIMENSIONS- 210 X 20 X 10 MM | IMPRINT- 30 X 8 MM (BAND) | IMPRINT- 12 X 7 X MM (METAL CLIP)


TABLET SCROLLING GOPRO CONTROL PRESENTATION SKIP SONGS ADJUST LIGHTING 7 intuitive gestures and Magnetic mount Splash waterproof Bluetooth: 4.1 Transmission distance: 25 meter Made from Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4, shock & scratch restistant DIMENSIONS- 310 X 220 X 30 MM | IMPRINT- 295 X 210 MM

no hands! GADGET CONTROL 2433 Bixi Bixi is part of a new era of revolutionary gadgets that allows you to control your phone or tablet with simple hand movements! Be at the forefront of gadgets and find out more! Watch the movie or call us for full details of this simply unique gift. Use the QR-code to see the movie that tells everything!

3098 Anti Lost Never lose your valuables again with this smart Bluetooth Tracker. Simple to use APP allows you to locate anything the device is attached to when it is more than 25M away from your phone. Good branding area and handy to keep with keys, bag, laptop case etc. Works with both IOS and Android. trac c ck

25 meter range. Bluetooth 4.0. Playtime up to 6 months. Replaceable Button Cell battery. Enable Selfie shuttering, recording & GPS locating DIMENSIONS- 43 X 30 X 10 MM IMPRINT- 28.4 X 27.4 MM

3993 Mantis Bluetooth Receiver A clever device which allows you to use your wired earbuds, earphones or headphones wirelessly with any Bluetooth audio device (Smartphone, Laptop, etc.) This lightweight gadget easily clips to your jacket, shirt, blouse etc. Good branding area means this will guarantee your logo stays in full view when in use.

80 mAh SELFIE REMOTE BLUETOOTH RECEIVER 10 meter range. Li-Polymer Battery. Up to 3 hours of playtime. Stand by mode up to 80 hours. USB to Micro USB cable included. DIMENSIONS- 63 X 22 X 16 MM IMPRINT- 50 X 7 MM

4818 CLOUD CUP Smart thermos flask to assist in keeping hydrated. Very clever gadget that links via Bluetooth and an APP to alert you when to drink and advise on your hydration levels. Free App downolad for Android or iOS. Free App. 370ml capacity. 2 X CR2032 battery, not included. Bluetooth 4.0, IOS 7.0 & Android 4.3 or higher. DIMENSIONS- 218 X 74 X 74 MM | IMPRINT- 100 X 100 MM 4838 CLOUD CUP THERMO 4828 CLOUD CUP CERAMIC 500 ml capacity. 350 ml capacity. 2 X CR2032 battery, included. Bluetooth 4.0, IOS 7.0 / Android 4.3 or higher, Free App. DIMENSIONS- 195 X 86 X 86 MM | IMPRINT- 100 X 100 M 2 X CR2032 battery, included. Bluetooth 3.0, IOS 7.0 / Android 4.3 or higher, Free App. DIMENSIONS- 188 X 74 X 74 MM | IMPRINT- 30 X 30 MM

6560 IDISK 16-128 GB Capacity of 16-128 GB. 3.0 USB speed, lightning connector. External memory for your iPhone / iPad. DIMENSIONS- 59 X 28 X 9 MM | IMPRINT- 35 X 12 MM

1233 SMARTPHONE ZOOOOOM LENS 7 X Zoom. Optical glass. Universal smartphone clip. DIMENSIONS- 50 X 50 X 52 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM 1231 2 IN 1 SMARTPHONE LENS SET For all Smartphones. Macro lens & Fisheye lens. DIMENSIONS- 30 X 30 MM | IMPRINT- 80 X 40 MM

A “CLASSIC” DESIGN This Mouse Pad is manufactured from top grade anodised aluminium which has been selected for its lightweight and incredible strength. This is a “gamer” approved surface that has been designed to ensure precision mouse control. Don’t be surprised if you need to turn down the mouse sensitivity, the surface resistance is so low that the mouse will feel like it’s skating on a layer of air. • Solid aluminum construction • Works with optical and laser mouse devices including the Magic Mouse and the wireless Mighty Mouse • Non-slip feet • Sleek Design 2164 2165 ALUMINIUM MOUSE PAD Easy to clean. Highly stylish, solid and durable. Non-slip pas on the bottom to keep in place. DIMENSIONS- 280 X 190 X 8 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM ALUMINIUM MOUSE PAD WITH PU LEATHER Easy to clean. Highly stylish, solid and durable. Non-slip pas on the bottom to keep in place. DIMENSIONS- 280 X 190 X 8 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM

ANTIBACTERIAL 99.9% ANTIFUNGAL 99.9% SHOE DEODORANT Refresh Every Day 500 mAh 1058 SANITIZER Shoes are continuously contaminated with sweat and bacteria but tend to be left dirty. Just as you take a shower and change your underwear every day, your shoes should be cleaned every day too. PEDIC is a revolutionary shoe care product for everyday use. Just insert the sanitizer units into each shoe when you take them off. They will sanitize the inside of your shoes and turn off automatically. Place the units back on the charging cradle when you go out. Now you can easily care your shoes every day with minimal effort. USB powered Lithium-ion battery. DIMENSIONS- 70 X 70 X 180 MM | IMPRINT- 6 X 20 MM

LumoLift App available from app store and play store 4150 LumoLift Unique wearable gadget that not only registers steps, calories and distance travelled but also helps to track and improve your posture. Simply download the APP and enter your personal details to get on track for better health and wellbeing through increased exercise and body posture control. This clever device will prompt and alert when your posture is not as it should be! For more and full information please call ... X ✓ DIMENSIONS- 45 X 25 X 9 MM IMPRINT- 12 X 12 MM

ACTIVITY TRACKER with heartbeat Our best selling Activity tracker just got smarter! Now includes heart rate monitor. Monitor and track your daily activity including steps, calories, sleep patterns and heart rate. Easy to use and comfortable to wear with new touch screen controls. heart beat clock App available from app store and play store bluetooth 3D 4819 ACTIVITY TRACKER PREMIUM PLUS HEART RATE OLED display. DIMENSIONS- 250 X 16,5 X 10,8 MM | IMPRINT- 4 X 14 MM sensor

4123 (Bluetooth) GOLFGPS Superior branding options on both the inside (software branding / push notifications) and outside of the product / packaging to promote your logo / message / event. Records and measures via FREE APP: shots taken, golf stats (eg puts / green in regulation) steps, distance travelled and works out accurate measurements to the green for over 30k courses around the world. Lightweight to wear and battery lasts over 5 rounds before needing to be recharged. wearable gadget designed for golf. bluetooth 4.0. About 5 rounds of golf playtime. DIMENSIONS- 250 X 27 X 14 MM | IMPRINT- ON REQUEST


4733 WATCHTRACKER CKER Smart watch that mixes style and digital features. Includes tracking for steps with built in alarm and call reminder. Subtle branding options available and water resistant to 3 ATM. Bluetooth 4.0. Water resistant to 3 ATM. Includes alarm clock function. DIMENSIONS- 12 X 240 X 42 MM | IMPRINT- 10 X 30 MM

WCT03004 WildCam if you’re not a lover of nature, …. you can also use the camera to see what’s happening around your home. • REACTING TO MOVEMENT UP TO 25 METERS AWAY • 3 MEGAPIXEL CMOS SENSOR • ANGLE OF 120 DEGREES • FULLY AUTOMATIC INFRARED FILTER (48 LEDS) FOR NIGHT VIEW • SET INTERVAL CAPTURE EVERY MOVEMENT...

for a healthy dose of adrenaline ACT01014 ActionCam Actioncam with HD resolution (720P) with multiple accessories • 1.77” TFT schreen • CMOS sensor with 120 degree widen angle lens • Photofunction: 5MP • Build in microphone • Waterproof 30 meter • Connections mini HDMI - USB - microSD slot (max 32gb)



Handy webcam cover that can be easily installed on any smartphone, laptop or tablet camera. The subtle design ensures that the cover is hardly noticeable. Ideal for a corporate message. The 4-col backing card is perfect for getting your message over big and bold. 1093 PEEP No lens contact, No lens abrasion. Webcam cover fit for mobile phones and tablets. DIMENSIONS- ø14 X 1,5 MM | IMPRINT- ø10 MM 1094 SWIVEL Aluminium webcam cover. Fit for laptops, tablets, tv’s & gaming stations. DIMENSIONS- 12 X 35 X 1,5 MM | IMPRINT- 10 X 20 MM

1286 AirComfort NEW Bluetooth sensor – the AirComfort gives you an instant reading of temperature and humidity in your surroundings via the FREE APP. Perfect for keeping your brand in sight at home or in an office environment. Ideal for a modern connected lifestyle whether living, sleeping or even ensuring your wine is stored at the correct temperature / humidity. AirComfort CR2450 battery. Bluetooth 4.0. 10 meter range. Compatible with IOS and Android. Measurement interval: 5mins to 40 mins, adjustable ˚C-Range: -25˚C to 45˚C Accuracy: 70% Data storage: 100 days DIMENSIONS- 115 X 36 X 36 MM | IMPRINT- 7 X 10 MM

monitor your room climate

BLUETOOTH KEYB O A R D 3096 Bluetooth Keyboard Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with built in stand to place your phone or tablet. Compact size makes this ideal for travel. Good branding options. Lithium battery. Compatible with WIN-IOS-Android Bluetooth 3.0. Scissor Keytop design. DIMENSIONS- 220 X 140 X 10 MM IMPRINT- 120 X 30 MM

Material: ABS MATT | RF wireless mouse, nano receiver Built in rechargeable battery | Buttons Number: Left, Right, Scroll Buttons Transmission Distance: Up to 7m | DPI: 1200DPI | Working Way: 2.4G Transmission Mode: Wireless | Compatibility: Win & Mac DIMENSIONS: 106 X 58 X 17 MM | LOGO AREA: 32 X 40 MM

2301 POKKET2 WIRELESS MOUSE Super slim ergonomic design with subtle LED branding to make your logo shine. LED Features: built in rechargeable battery, easy access nano wireless receiver and velvet travel pouch. A classic product to promote your logo around the desk.

TYPE-C One Cable for total connectivity...

2599 USB-C HUB 1x Type-CF port. 3x USB 3.0 port. DIMENSIONS- 12 X 125 X 75 MM | IMPRINT- 65 X 40 MM 6550 USB-C DRIVE 2591 USB-C MINI HUB USB 3.0 speed. 16-128GB capacity. USB 3.0 port. 5GB p/s data transfer rate. OTG Function, Plug & Play. DIMENSIONS- 64.5 X 17 X 6.8 MM | IMPRINT- 20 X 8 MM DIMENSIONS- 57 X 22 X 12 MM | IMPRINT- 20 X 8 MM

GeoMouse 2300 GeoMouse Wireless Optical Mouse with LED logo branding. Unique shape allows for optimal comfort in use. 1200 DPI, 2.4GHz.

LED our: RD, BL, GR, WH, OR

ULTIMATE MINI BILLBOARD FOR YOUR LOGO 15 TIMES A DAY THIS MEANS 3900 TIMES A YEAR works with almost all corded- and modern voip phones 1000 Untangler The ultimate solution for twisted telephone cords, ideal for keeping your logo in view.



fabric speaker

1542 GILLIE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Fabric Bluetooth speaker that can be printed almost entirely in full color. This powerful 5W speaker makes for great sound and a truly memorable business gift.

Frequency: +65dB. Li-ion Polymer Battery. Transmission distance: 8-10mtr Bluetooth 4.1. 4 hours playtime. speaker 5W. DIMENSIONS- 71 X 71 X 38 MM | IMPRINT- 65 X 65 MM


SoundArt A4 Fullcolour Magic Sound Flat Panel Bluetooth Speaker 2157 SoundArt 500 mAh Just think an A4 poster on the wall of your client with your message and their music playing from it – fantasy? Not now… this unique Bluetooth speaker allows you to hang your message on the wall and let them listen to their music via the flat wireless speaker. HANG-UP A4 A4 5 hours playtime Cable length 2.000 mm. Speaker 3W. Bluetooth 4.0. DIMENSIONS- 310 X 220 X 30 MM | IMPRINT- 295 X 210 MM STAND A4

Ring Ear buds 10 meter range. Li-ion Polymer Battery. Bluetooth 4.2. 5 hours playtime. DIMENSIONS- 43 X 38 X 28 MM | DOMING- 15.6 X 12.8 MM IMPRINT ON POUCH- 40 X 20 MM

RING 1526 Ring Earbuds Sporty design, long battery life and comfortable fit makes these the must have promotional wireless earbuds. Supplied with handy travel pouch, good branding area and available with a range of different coloured trim colours on demand.

Dynamic ynam 1554 Dynamic Headphone Top quality Headphones with neodymium magnets in the speakers for high resolution sound. Additional features include gold-plated connectors to prevent interference and a handy additional auxiliary port to connect more than one device for music sharing. Easily folds flat for travel and has a good branding area.

3.5mm gold plated audio jack. 36mm speaker, Neodymium magnet. Oxygen Free Copper Cable, Nominal power: 2.5mW. Frequenzy: 20Hz-20kHz. Sensitivity: 95dB-1kHz. DIMENSIONS- 180 X 170 X 70 MM | IMPRINT- ø21 MM

Volcano ll 1850 Volcano II The best selling Volcano just got louder! 4 hours playtime and a new quick re-charge feature makes this the smart choice to reward your staff or customers and make sure your logo stays in view in a subtle and stylish way.

300 mAh Li-ion Battery. 4 hours of playtime. 10 meter range, 3W speaker. Bluetooth 3.0, Frequenzy: 20Hz-20kHz. DIMENSIONS- 59 X 59 X 65 MM | IMPRINT- 25 X 11 MM

XooparBoyMini oo oopa oyo Play Music & Movie Selfie-button 2105 Xoopar boy 2154 Xoopar boy mini 100 MM 70 MM

2154 Xoopar Boy Mini Great addition to this popular range of novelty wireless speakers. This new Mini version is ideal for your brand, packs a powerful punch for a small unit. Includes built-in selfie control button, 4-5 hours play time and handy carry strap. Hanging ropes Portable Size Recharge Selfie Remote function. Superior sound witch rich bass. Li-Polymer battery, Playtime up to 3 hours. Bluetooth 2.1. 10 meter range, 3W speaker. Speaker Sensitivity: 85DB. Frequenzy Response: 100Hz-15KHz. DIMENSIONS- 73 X 67 X 56 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 7 MM

Music and hydration in one!

2156 Music Bottle Speaker 2 Good quality sound (3W) and 600ml drinks bottle. Ideal for sport, outdoor and health based campaigns. Good branding area, up to 5 hours play time. 650 mAh DIMENSIONS: 75 X 75 X 258 MM IMPRINT: 12 X 35 MM

1288 PromoBuds 2D The ultimate earbuds to promote your brand. Fully bespoke 2D design to re-inforce your logo. Cable length 1.200 mm. 10 mm Neodymium speaker. DIMENSIONS- CUSTOM

Custom Made Buds

1297 EARBUDS Cable length 1.200 mm. Earbuds for all your devices. Large 4 colour process branding area. DIMENSIONS- 18 X 10 X 10 MM | IMPRINT- 70 X 70 MM

1281 PROMOBUDS Quality metal earbuds. Cable length 1.200 mm. 4 colour process branding area. DIMENSIONS- 22 X 15 X 15 MM | IMPRINT- ø15 MM 1282 THE CLASSIC COLLECTION MIC / volume control. Stylish cord cables. DIMENSIONS- 25 X 13 X 13 MM | IMPRINT- 3.5 X 4 MM

1283 IN EAR PHONES Stylish and compact design. d-vice Original in-ear-phones. Available in different colours and styles. DIMENSIONS- 25 X 13 X 13 MM | IMPRINT- 10 X 3 MM

1533 HEADPHONE PREMIUM Real leather 1.350mm cable length. 40mm Neodymium speaker. DIMENSIONS- 185 X 190 X 75 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 25 MM

1529 MICRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Polymer battery. 2.1 Bluetooth, 10 meter range. 3W Speaker, 4 hours playtime. DIMENSIONS- 60 X 86 X 46 MM IMPRINT- 80 X 50 MM 2.000 mAh 1395 PUNCHBOX 2 LED Li-ion battery. 1A Input, 1A Output. Up to 15 hours playtime. Bluetooth 3.0, 10 meter range. DIMENSIONS- 107 X 110 X 57 MM | IMPRINT- ø50 MM

PLUTO SET 1399 PLUTO + 2118 PLUTO POWERBANK 2.600 mAh 1399 2118 PLUTO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER Li-polymer battery. Includes Carabiner Clip. Bluetooth 3.0. 10 meter range. 1x 3W speaker, up to 4 hours playtime. DIMENSIONS- 60 X 60 X 85 MM | IMPRINT- 25 X 12 MM DIMENSIONS- 22 X 22 X 120 MM | IMPRINT- 40 X 10 MM PLUTO POWERBANK Grade A Li-ion battery. Includes Carabiner Clip and Overcharge Protection.

2108 THE CONE Music As It Should Sound... ENGRAVE YOUR LOGO 2x5W MIC for conference calling. Built in rechargable battery. Bluetooth 3.0, NFC wireless speaker. DIMENSIONS- 200 X 220 X 115 MM | LOGO AREA- 25 X 11 MM

1391 SPLASH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 4 hours playtime. IP65 waterproof, 5W speaker. DIMENSIONS- 99 X 93 X 48 MM | IMPRINT- 48 X 11 MM

3992 BLUETOOTH CONVERTER 120 mAh LED bluetooth 4.1. Li-polymer battery. DIMENSIONS- 35 X 35 X 13 MM | IMPRINT- 25 X 7 MM 1387 XQUARE BLUETOOTH METAL SPEAKER 400 mAh 3W speaker output. Rechargeable battery. DIMENSIONS- 44 X 44 X 44 MM | IMPRINT- 30 X 30 MM

1531 1535 CLASSIC HEADPHONE BLACK BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE Cable length 1.200mm. Gold plated 3.5mm plug. Good printing area 40mm speaker. DIMENSIONS- 25 X 50 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM Bluetooth 3.0. 10 meter range. 10 hours playtime Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz. Speaker: 40mm DIMENSIONS- 25 X 50 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM 1528 CLASSIC COLLECTION BLUETOOTH EARBUDS 50 mAh Bluetooth 4.1. Lightweight and water resistant. DIMENSIONS- 18 X 22 X 17 MM | IMPRINT- 10 X 5 MM

RING 2.500 mAh 1538 RING COMBO BLUETOOTH POWER SPEAKER 10 meter range. 1A Input, 1A Output. Li-ion battery, 3W speaker. Wireless sound and power on the go. DIMENSIONS- 35 X 35 X 135 MM | IMPRINT- 15 X 40 MM

RING 1537 RING MAX BLUETOOTH SPEAKER 3W Speaker. IPX4 waterproof. Logo on doming. DIMENSIONS- 106 X 115 X 50 MM | IMPRINT- 30 X 30 MM

1067 SMARTPHONE CHAIR Mobile holder with amplifier Simple phone chair to keep your logo constantly in sight. Includes sound amplifier to enhance your phones speakers and listen to music. No power or batteries required. Soft touch silicone feel for a quality promotional idea. Dimensions: 99 x 85 x 90 mm Imprint: 50 x 50 mm

1540 LIGHTSOUNDS PREMIUM Top quality Bluetooth speaker with amazing sound and cool mood light built in. 2.200 mAh Li-ion battery, 5W speaker. Color changing light, powerbank & speaker combo. DIMENSIONS- 235 X 95 X 95 MM | IMPRINT- 25 X 45 MM

Promotional Range Shocking beats, blazing lights SB300B/00 Works with any Bluetooth enabled device - Waterproof: IPX7 - Shockproof Built-in microphone for speaker conference - 4W RMS output power - 1 x 1.5” full range drive and 2 passive radiators - Up to 8 hours battery time - Audio in This new Philips Bluetooth speaker can suffer the worst of conditions. Rugged, shockproof, waterproof, and pulsing lights are its key features combined with an impressive bass and loud sound.

…the new Flite™ range from Philips Unbelievably light and unexpectedly powerful Get ready to unleash the beats! Everlite - Aerolite - Ultralite - Hyprlite Constructed with ultra-light materials and clean lines. Fold them away into the smallest of bags, comfortably rest them flat around your neck, or slide the compact earbuds into your pocket.

Promotional Range

Your personal Wireless lighting system It will change the way you use light. Simply use the Philips Hue App to control your connected lights.

Promotional Range OneBlade to trim, edge & shave any length of hair The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines and edges, on any length of hair. Forget about using multiple steps and tools. OneBlade does it all. OneBlade

SatinShave Prestige Glides smoothly Enjoy a flawlessly close and comfortable shave for your legs and body. Philips most advanced shaving system, that gives you a silky-smooth skin without irritation.

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