Smartphone breathalyzer 4799 Floome Floome measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and sends the results directly to your smart-phone. How does it work? Just plug it into your smartphone via a standard audio jack, open the mouthpiece and blow - no batteries required. If your app test result displays a red screen, this means your alcohol level is over the legal limit applicable in the country or state you are in. Wait for the duration of the suggested recovery time provided by the application and then repeat the test. By entering your weight, gender, height and age, the app will calculate how long it should take your body to lower your BAC. In addition, the application will learn your metabolic rate and give you more personalised results. Floome uses the same sensor found in breathalyzers used by law enforcement officers, as well as a new vortex technology. There is always an alternative. Do not drink and drive. Please note this item should not be entirely relied upon when making a decision as to whether to drive after consuming alcohol.

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