© SJOERD EICKMANS Residents In addition to attracting the aforementioned target groups we consider it of great importance that our own residents can identify with our policy. We strive to build dynamic urban choices, that the residents too can enjoy using. Custodian of the Brand From its establishment, Eindhoven365 has focused on the brand development of the city. We are the ‘Custodian of the Brand’ and keep a careful watch on the brand and Eindhoven’s mind set. The fact that this approach is seen as inspirational was confi rmed with a Dutch Design Award for Best Client in 2015. Last year we redefi ned the brand story. This allows us to not only properly visualise the identity, but also describe it accurately. We do this in the form of the Eindhoven formula, which we believe is ‘spot-on’ in describing the DNA of the city: Unconventional x Collaboration = Energy. We have noticed that this story resonates exceptionally well and supports the Eindhoven brand in reaching the right activation choices. A hospitable hotspot Our Brandstore is located in the heart of Eindhoven. This entrance to the city is completely in Eindhoven style. Here you can feel, see and buy the Eindhoven brand. Increasing numbers of people are fi nding their way to Brandstore Eindhoven. City marketing and city making In addition to being the ‘Custodian of the Brand’, it is our job to ensure that the effectiveness of existing propositions in the city is improved and to build on new propositions with new partners. City marketing is expanding: ensuring that the residential, working and living environments are attractive and that they are in tune with the city’s three brand themes. We also tell the story of Eindhoven through various channels, like ambassadors, tours, press, apps and digital platforms. In addition, events are an ideal stage for putting the city in a more positive light. Which is why Eindhoven365 organises a cohesive event programme, accessible for a wide public and distributed over target groups, themes, time and space. 111 EHV365 2015

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