NexDrive the Brand story The story of NexDrive is one of passion and dedication to the European independent aftermarket. Since the introduction of software in vehicles, there has been a tough fi ght between the car brand importers and workshops of the independent aftermarket concerning the accessibility of data and knowledge for vehicle repairs. With the introduction of hybrid- and electric vehicles, the knowledge- and data gap between both parties could become larger and cause a great loss of revenues for the independent aftermarket distributors and workshops. NexDrive is Alliance Automotive Group Benelux’s answer to this threat. NexDrive offers workshops data, tools, and knowledge to be able to offer maintenance on electric- and hybrid vehicles to their clients. When other technologies like Hydrogen or any other kind of fuel will emerge, NexDrive will also offer support regarding those techniques to the independent aftermarket workshops. To the public NexDrive offers an alternative for the car brand workshops regarding maintenance to electric- and hybrid vehicles. NexDrive narrated from the data- and knowledge center TECH360. This division of the Alliance Automotive Group Benelux supports workshop to access the online platforms of car brand importers, train their mechanics and support mechanics in data analysis or complex diagnoses. As the sales of electric vehicles are increasing faster than expected, it became obvious that the car brand manufacturers will try to use this new technology to monopolize the aftersales market. The Alliance Automotive Group Benelux realized that they were obligated to extend the services of TECH360 and create a new label for the independent aftermarket to stay ahead of these new developments. As a label and as a brand, NexDrive will also attract the next generation mechanics to the independent aftermarket. Young talents that have passion and dedication to all new techniques and knowledge. Here lies the challenge and success for NexDrive as a brand and the distributors and workshop of the independent after market. p.03

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