Target audience EV driver profi les: • The average age of EV drivers is 51 years old. • 75% owned a cheaper fuel car previously. • Governmental fi nancial incentives are the main drivers to purchase an EV for all profi les. The main characteristic of the target audience is cosmopolite. They are open and critical citizens who integrate postmodern values like personal development and experience with modern values like social success, materialism, and pleasure. The primary target audience for the NexDrive concept are the private owners of EV’s and especially the occasion owners within all EV driver profi les. They are the least bound to the importer brands and are most likely to trust NexDrive with maintenance and repair on their EV. The calculative driver “ I can drive an expensive lease car thanks to the fi nancial incentives” The environmentally conscious driver “I care about our future and our children’s future” The innovative driver “I want to be the fi rst owner of this brilliant new technology” The comfortable driver “I enjoy the pleasure of electric driving” p.05

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