Enabling A Greener Future Improve your carbon footprint Established in 2007, with their headquarters in Drachten, the Netherlands, WhisperPower’s ongoing mission is to deliver grid-independent power systems supporting a cleaner and brighter future. Our philosophy is that off-grid power generation should be as near silent as possible, whilst also being fully self-contained and eco-friendly. They should be able to deliver electrical power of any kind, be incredibly efficient and very easy to use. This outlook was captured within the company name ‘WhisperPower’, as it rolled out the first edition of low-emission hybrid diesel generators in 2010, whose quiet-running and fuel efficiency made an immediate impact on marine, mobile and off-grid applications. With the introduction of OctoPower, the company is contributing to a greener all electric future, by offering high class, proven power systems needed to effortlessly harness all forms of power generation from 2 – 32 kW, with strongly reduced CO2 pollution. Enjoy Green Energy octopower.com

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