THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020 CHAIRMAN’S INTRODUCTION Investing in the development of young people is perhaps the most important investment we can make, for they are our most precious resource. Preparing them for an increasingly uncertain future in terms of jobs means they have to be resilient, adaptable and confident. Gaining the necessary life skills and practical experiences truly only happens outside of the classroom. The framework of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award not only provides this sort of non-formal education and learning, but also accredits young people’s achievements. An extraordinary number of young people achieved their Awards this year. Contrary to perception, the Award is open to all young people between 14-24, whatever their circumstance, in fact for many at risk and marginalised young people the Award is a lifechanger. They comprise 8.5% of active participants. The International Award Foundation owns the franchise and licenses Award Operators across the world. We also support the Award family through the International Award Association by providing help, support and enabling development, primarily through our International Special Projects grants. The Association’s Global Strategy challenges our Operators to improve Access to the Award, the Reach of the Award, both geographically and societally, as well as the impact of the Award on young people and their communities. The twelve months since April 2019 have been extraordinarily busy, yet productive. We strengthened our senior leadership team and initiated a Comprehensive Sustainability Review to re-balance our resources, effort and staff to ensure the longterm future of the charity in achieving its mission and ambitions. My fellow Trustees and I continue to be truly grateful to all our donors for their exceptional contribution to both the Foundation and many of our National Award Operators. We would be unable to do much of what we do for young people without the extraordinary support we receive from so many loyal supporters. We are, as ever, indebted to them. Supporting young people and our network of Operators has been the absolute priority through the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. Our digital systems have proved vital during this period. Participants, alumni, volunteers and staff have lived up to the values and ethos of the Award in a way that has been truly heartening and of benefit to all. HRH The Earl of Wessex and Forfar KG GCVO Chairman of Trustees of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation Image © Millie Pilkington intaward.org 3

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