KEY ACTIVITY OUR OPERATING TEAM Improving Reach China and Indonesia, two of the most populous countries in the world, continue to make good progress developing local as well as national delivery partnerships. Improving Impact Reporting and demonstrating the diversity of participants and Award Centres depends, in part, upon how we gather our annual statistics. Work continues to improve the definitions around what constitutes at risk1 youth and marginalised.2 Safety and Safeguarding Work began on aligning guidance, policies and training to create a more integrated approach to and understanding of this important subject. We also introduced wider parameters for serious incident reporting beyond simply those covering the Adventurous Journey. During the year nearly 8.5% of all participants were reported as being at risk or marginalised, a figure we will continue to refine and grow. Supporting Adults in the Award The first cohort of students embarked on our Master of Business Administration course run by Edinburgh Business School (part of Heriot Watt University) aimed at senior executives within the Association. The overall number was down on expectations, reflecting the political and economic uncertainties facing so many parts of the world. 1. Those young people whose circumstances mean they are vulnerable to negative influences or consequences and who, through the Award, can reduce many, if not all, the risks and permanently change their circumstances for the better. 2. Those young people experiencing isolation from society either physically or psychologically and who, through the Award, can feel included and become positive contributors to mainstream society. The application of these definitions can differ from operator to operator due to local circumstances. Partnerships We have successfully established and are now developing a number of important relationships with a range of different organisations, such as: • Cambridge Assessment International Education – following pilot programmes to illustrate how the Award’s non-formal education and learning framework can work alongside Cambridge International’s formal curriculum, we are developing the means to expand into all regions. • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) – looking at the ways in which we can incorporate the international version of the UK Government’s Citizenship Service into the Award’s framework. • Commonwealth Secretariat – providing assistance with the development and implementation of a new strategy to encourage governments to improve opportunities for non-formal education and learning so as to engage the substantial youth population better within the Commonwealth and develop essential leadership skills. 4 intaward.org

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