E A E S 2 0 1 9 Thank you! for attending our annual congress. If you were not able to attend this year or if you just want to relive this exciting congress, then have a look at the highlights of EAES 2019. The congress theme this year was Exciting - Amazing - Enterprising - Stimulating ; "a pathway to the future". The 27th annual congress was held in combination with the XV Congress of the Spanish Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Innovation of the Spanish Association of Surgery (AEC) and in conjunction with the XVI Congress of the Andalussian Society of Surgery (ASAC). R E V I E W This congress was dominated by innovation in a number of areas, such as pathways for navigation through the scientific programme, easy access congress registration, connection of participants and hospitality. We hope that you have noticed this and that your participation has brought you what you anticipated.

1565 84 48 REGISTRATIONS COUNTRIES EXHIBITORS 1,565 persons have registered for EAES 2019. Of these, 1,366 participated in the scientific programme. This is an increase compared to previous years (London 1,296 participants) and we aim to maintain this upward trend. Participants from 84 different countries came to Sevilla to participate in EAES 2019. This shows how widespread the EAES family is. A total of 48 companies were represented to inform participants about their products and services. The support of our industry partners is an important element of the congress.

This year, participants could again choose from a wide range of master classes prior to the congress on Wednesday 12 June. The programme consisted of 4 pre-congress courses and the Technology symposium. The Masterclass in collaboration with the European Hernia Society focused on new trends in the field of MIS in abdominal wall surgery and was pleased with a very large attendance. Following a successful Masterclass last year, the Ta-TME course was again on the programme this year. PRE CONGRESS PROGRAMME New this year was the FUSE course which meets the increasing need for education and training in the field of safe use of electrosurgical instruments. For the second time in a row the Research Talent Academy was offered in which participants are given the opportunity to further train themselves in research methodology and to expand their knowledge in the field of study design.

UEMS MIS EXAM In close cooperation with the UEMS the possibility was offered to take the UEMS MIX exam prior to the annual congress. TThe UEMS Division & Board of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) invites candidates to the Fellowship Examination within Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). The examination is offered in collaboration with the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery. The successful candidates are awarded the title “Fellow of the European Board of Surgery – MIS” or “F.E.B.S./MIS” and provided with the relevant Diploma. For the second time in a row this possibility was offered and 17 candidates gratefully used this opportunity to take the exam.

TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM This year's technology symposium focused on solutions to prevent and treat complications. In the afternoon the symposium was followed by the “Amazing Technologies” session which nowadays is a tradition at the EAES Annual congress. With more than a hundred abstracts received, the session is growing interest among the attendees every year. Twenty two abstracts were presented this year, focusing on research activities in the area of robotics, augmented reality, wearables, 3D modelling and more.

O P E N I N G C E R E M O N Y The congress opened with a spectacular interactive lecture on the creation of the traditional Andalusian dance the Flamenco. The guest speaker, Manuel Macias Moreno, flamencoologist and his team managed to seduce the audience to a standing ovation which led to a feeling of enthusiasm that lasted for the entire congress.

CONSENSUS CONFERENCE BARIATRICS After months of hard work throughout the project team led by Nicola Di Lorenzo and Gianfranco Silecchia, the new guidelines on obesity management were presented at the annual congress in a dedicated session that was very well attended. During the session, a voting system was used to involve the attendees in the development of this guideline. The EAES (European Association For Endoscopic Surgery) guidelines on bariatric surgery were completed in 2004 and published in 2005. After 14 years, their revision and update have been conducted by a multidisciplinary team of experts. They belong to EAES, IFSO-EC (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders - European Chapter), EASO (European Association for the Study of Obesity), ESPCOP (European Society for Perioperative Care of Obese Patients) The project aims to provide valuable guidance on the surgical management of obesity, reflecting the best and most recent evidence in this field according to GRADE methodology.

E A E S 2 0 1 9 I mp r e s s i o n s

E A E S 2 0 1 9 We l c ome t o t he EAES F ami l y

POST CONGRESS PROGRAMME On Saturday EAES 2019 ended with three masterclasses. These high quality courses have been compiled in cooperation with IRCAD for the development of the masterclass on Flexible Endoscopy and in cooperation with our partner Karl Storz who supported the course on Laparascopic bile duct exploration - choledoschopy. Due to success in previous years the Ultrasound course was held again this year under the supervision of Calin Tiu and Andreas Melzer.


Karl Storz Award This award is rewarded to the best oral presentation of the 7 in the award session that were selected from a total of 208 oral presentations. The price consists of a sponsored course at the IRCAD insitute. Winners: Dr. Gabor Abis, The Netherlands and Dr. Jesus Bollo Rodriguez, Spain Gerhard Buess Technology Award This award is rewarded to the best oral presentation in the field of technology of the 7 presentations in the award session. The prize consists of a sum of EUR 2,500. Winner: Dr. Yuki Ushimaru, Japan

Video Award This award is rewarded to the best video presentation of the 7 in the award session that were selected from a total of 266 video presentations. The price consists of a sum of EUR 2,500. Winner: Dr. Koji Otsuka, Japan

Poster Award 10 best scoring posters from the 18 posters in the award session and from the total of 638 submitted posters. The prize consists of a sum of EUR 200 and one year's membership of EAES. Winners: Dr. Isaias Alarcon del Agua, Spain Mr. Gregorio Anguiano, Spain Dr. Ana Dias, United Kingdom Dr. Hanna Koppatz, Finland Dr. Chikako Kusunoki, Japan Ms. Marta Maes-Carballo, El Salvador Dr. Daiki Matsubara, Japan Dr. Yugo Matsui, Japan Dr. Teruya Minami, Japan Dr. Yushi Yamauchi, Japan

UEMS grant This travel grant is awarded to the five highest scoring exams at the UEMS MIS exam that was held on Wednesday 12 June. The prize consists of an amount of EUR 750. Winners: Dr Jeroen Ponten, The Netherlands Dr David Saavedra-Perez, Spain Dr Ionut-Christian Hutopila, Romania Dr Georgios Ayiomamitis, Greece Dr Mohamed Shaban, United Kingdom

Research grant The EAES strives to support clinical and translational research for members and academic institutions in order to promote safe, high quality minimally invasive surgery with excellent outcomes, The grants were awarded this year to: VALIDITY AND RELIABILITY OF INTRAOPERATIVE OBJECTIVE LAPAROSCOPIC RECTAL CANCER PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT TOOLS IN RESIDENCY TRAINING Nathan Curtis – United Kingdom THE PREVENTION OF ANASTOMOTIC LEAKAGE IN COLORECTAL SURGERY FOR CANCER: THE LEAKCHECK AND DOUBLECHECK STUDY. F. Daams. – The Netherlands DIFFUSION TENSOR IMAGING MRI FOR 3D PRINTING: A FIRST MODEL FOR THE UNDERSTANDING OF PELVIC FLOOR DISORDERS Francesco Carrano - Italy

Honorary membership Hyung-Ho Kim Prof. Kim was awarded with a Honorary Membership of the EAES in recognition of his outstanding contributions to minimally invasive surgery, his leadership of KSELS and the wonderful collaboration and friendship between KSELS and the EAES. Lifetime achievement award Wolfgang Wayand Professor Wayand was awarded with the 2019 EAES Lifetime Achievement Award in acknowledgement of his major contributions to the EAES as a founding member, board member, President and Internal Auditor. His positive, transparent and inspiring approach combined with a clear view on creating the best environment for the EAES members has been instrumental in building the EAES. Honorary membership Masahiki Watanabe Professor Watanabe, was awarded with a Honorary Membership of the EAES in recognition of his outstanding contributions to minimally invasive surgery, his leadership of JSES and the wonderful collaboration and friendship between JSES and EAES

S O C I A L E V E N T Overlooking the river towards Seville's Torre Dorada, after 3 days of congress, one could relax and enjoy the hospitality that the EAES congress had to offer its participants. This year's award ceremony took place during the social event and gave room to the feelings of joy of the winners and their colleagues.

We wish the extend our gratitude to our Industry partners for their support and participation in our annual congress Main Partners: Partners: Sponsors: Exhibitors: 3-D Matrix UK Ltd. AKTORmed GmbH BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG CONMED Cook Medical Europe Ltd. Deam Encision Inc. ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH Grena Ltd Hangzhou Optcla Medical Instrument Co., LTD HIWIN Technologies Corp. iMM innovative Medical Mannheim GmbH Implantica Integra Life Sciences Lagis Enterprise Co., LTD. LivsMed MedicalTek Co., Ltd. MÖLNLYCKE HEALTH CARE S.L. Noruco S.L Pajunk GmbH Medizintechnologie Scivita medical technology Co., Ltd SOMETECH Inc. Sony Europe Limited Stryker European Operations Ltd. Surgnova Healthcare Technologies (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. TEAC Europe GmbH Wisepress Ltd.


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