Harbour information The 4 municipal harbours Grou Grou has four municipal harbours where you can berth as a passer-by. We would like to warmly welcome you to Pikmeerhaven, Hellingshaven, Nieuwe Kade and Suderkade. The centre of Grou is in the middle of these four harbours within direct walking distance. Harbour fees and water tourism tax After arriving, you can report to the ‘t Havenhûs harbour office in Pikmeerhaven (Meersweg 9a) from 2:00 PM. The harbour master also drops by. The overnight berthing fee is €1.66 per metre. Electricity, water and sanitation costs are included in the harbour fee. If you do not live in the municipality of Leeuwarden, water tourism tax of €1.65 per person is levied (from the age of 5). The harbour regulations can be found in ‘t Havenhûs or via the added QR code. Payment by card or app For security reasons, you can only pay by debit card, credit card or via the payment app on your phone. All berths are provided with a QR code. Scan the code, enter the details of your boat and your email address, complete the payment and you are guaranteed a spot. You will receive proof of your payment via email. Sanitary facilities At ‘t Havenhûs (Meersweg 9a) you will find sanitary facilities such as shower, toilet, washing machine and dryer. The building is accessible via an access code. You will find the code on your payment receipt. Water, electricity and rubbish On or near all piers you will find facilities for electricity, water and rubbish. The recreational rubbish containers are fitted with a combination lock. You will find the code on your payment receipt. Waste water drainage The holding tank can be emptied at the FRO quay in the Hellingshaven and at pier C in the Pikmeerhaven. Bike rental We have rental bikes available for you as a passer-by. The Pikmeerhaven Pikmeerhaven is Grou’s largest harbour. As many as 157 boats can berth here. Underground waste containers can be found on Meersweg and Wilhelminastraat. Please note: the sanitary facilities at the Sailing Centre are not part of the municipal facilities, but you can use them for a fee. The Hellingshaven The Hellingshaven is a sheltered harbour for about 40 boats with a maximum length of 12 metres. Toilets are available at this harbour. An underground waste container can also be found there. Please note! Construction is currently underway here. The New Quay and Suderkade Overlooking the Sint Piterkerk, these harbours are located in the old centre of Grou. Harbor Regulations Leeuwarden The harbour regulations can be found in ‘t Havenhûs or via the added QR code. ’t Havenhûs Meersweg 9a 9001 BG Grou +31 (0) 6 53 15 12 98 havenmeestergrou@outlook.com Opening times 23 March - 1 November 08.30 – 7.00 PM 1 June tot 1 September 08.30 – 8.00 PM   havengrou 41 watersport

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