> RECENT PRO JE C T S TOP OF THE LINE SURVEY VESSEL FOR NORWAY WIDTH: We proudly delivered the “Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra”, the new survey vessel for the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, in early 2023. A challenging, complex project in which Holland Shipyards Group is expanding its share in Norway from ferries to the research vessel and workboat segment. Besides the fjords, we are now gaining visibility along the Norwegian coastline! Built for research along the northern coast of Norway, the vessel will be used for fisheries acoustic and oceanographic research, plankton sampling, benthic and geological surveys and others. For this, it is equipped with state-of-the-art survey equipment and specially built to operate along the rugged coast; it is easily manoeuvrable in bays and between islets and reefs. On board are, among other things, two laboratories, a fisheries acoustic centre, office spaces and nine cabins for researchers and crew. 24 LENGTH: 10.00 M 35.00 M MAX. DRAUGHT: 3.50 M GROSS TONNAGE: 497 GT WORKING DECK AREA: APPROX. 100 M2

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