> RECENT PRO JE C T S AUTONOMOUS FERRY AS A SOLUTION FOR URBAN MOBILITY CHALLENGES Many cities face logistical challenges: crowded areas, travel movements and a congested road network. Transport by water is ideally suited to solve these mobility problems. This is also what the city of Paris envisages ahead of the summer of 2024. Paris opts for an innovative solution using the water that crosses the city to ensure proper mobility. In the summer of 2024, athletes and visitors from all over the world will get a glimpse of the future of waterborne mobility by crossing the Seine on a 3D-printed, autonomous, all-electric ferry! With partners Roboat and Sequana Développement, Holland Shipyards Group is building this innovative ferry for client Voies Navigables de France (VNF). The 9 by 3.90 m ferry will be fully 3D printed, making it the largest 3D-printed autonomous ferry ever. It has a state-of-the-art design, autonomous system, electric propulsion and the 3D-printed hull is made ‘Holland Shipyard has an innovative spirit and a no-nonsense attitude. This is exactly what we need in the early days of automated shipping’ – Ynse Deinema, CEO Roboat. of recycled material. Docking and charging are automatic. In several minutes, the battery is charged for the next trip. By investing in this innovative solution, Paris is setting the course for new sustainable passenger transport modes in the urban area. Like the city of Paris and our cooperation partners, we believe that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. The 3D print build method opens up a new exciting chapter in shipbuilding 25 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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