> HS G’S FAV ORITE S ROTTERDAM Leading maritime city of Europe KIDS A visit by children of primary schools at our yard. Children are the future and we like to enthuse them about the maritime industry. VIKING SHIP Inspiring hull and very good sea behavior. Clever that they could already build such hulls without drawing software TESLA When it comes to the electrification of means of transport, Tesla can be called a forerunner. An inspiring organization that is committed to the rise of sustainable transport. TALES FROM THE ROADS LESS TRAVELLED COLUMBUS F MAGAZINE avorite because of the inspiring photography It is often the roads less travelled that can be refreshing and lead to the best ideas. Something that we as Holland Shipyards Group embrace, and see as a necessary path to take when looking at preserving our beautiful planet. Just like the Dutch photographer Pie Aerts, we also go of the beaten track, making this visual in the vessels we build. 33 WWW.HOLLANDSHIPYARDSGROUP.COM

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