MEET THE TEAM It is our people who contribute to the success of our organisation. Get to know them and read how they experienced their first week at work and what they are most proud of. KEMAL MUJČIĆ - NAVAL ARCHITECT I started as an intern at Holland Shipyards Group and also conducted my graduation internship here. What struck me was the informal and friendly working environment, which made me feel at home right away in the department where I was working at the time. As an intern, I was well supervised, was welcome to ask questions at any time, and was given enough space for my own input. COORDINATE In the summer of 2022, I started the position of Naval Architect and got to deal with some management and coordinating parties during the engineering process, which I hadn’t experienced before. Since then, I have developed significantly in this aspect of my job. It feels like I’ve got the hang of it more and more, and I’m proud of that. PETER DE WINTER - WORK PREPARATION I joined the company taking over a job position from someone else. What struck me was the diversity of work activities. You do many different things, which ensures the work you do is never dull. Even though I was taking over someone’s position, I could still give my own spin on how I wanted to do the job. I had that freedom. DEADLINE We recently delivered a barge with a fairly tight deadline, and we did the final work under the supervision of the client. This added some pressure, but ultimately we managed as a team and delivered a great result. We were all proud of that! ALEX JOOSSE - DECKBOSS It struck me that everyone at all levels of the organisation is 100% committed. DRILLING RIGS I am proud that we are giving drilling rigs a second chance. For over 25 years, I worked in the oil industry, leaving my ecological mark. Now, I participate in the demobilisation process, and many platforms are being cleaned up or converted to other uses. Removing or correctly assembling large modules is something I am truly passionate about. 8

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