A NEW CHAPTER_ SEE BEYOND When creating our Winter 2020 collection, we drew our inspiration from vision, evolution, and change. Specifically, we were drawn to the Yi-King. Its ancestral codes were central to our journey. Guided by the ancient text, we learned that by adjusting our attitude and changing our habits, a new life cycle begins. The power of positive thinking is real. Like magic, a single smile can reverberate throughout the universe and reweave the fabric of our own realities. Sometimes, our simplest goals pave the most difficult journeys. Conviction means everything — the challenge is always worth the reward. Rigor, integrity, and loyalty bring us much in return. Our Winter 2020 collection conjures the new self. It bursts into existence like vivid pyrotechnics, illuminating the night sky and inspiring the many onlookers around us. SARAHPACINI.COM

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