Smart Glasses became even 'smarter'. With glasses like these on their noses, technicians can use both their hands anywhere, while reading the work procedures in the glasses and receiving support from an expert who watches from a distance. On the side of the glasses there are buttons to browse through the instruction, but they can also be voiceactivated. The glasses can take photos and provide real-time reporting. NEW TECHNOLOGY "We want to continuously improve and optimise our services", says Mark de Kok (ENGIE consultant). "After getting acquainted with Smart Glasses, we wanted to investigate to what extent we could use this technology for 'remote assistance'. That was completely new to us, but looked promising. That's why we embraced it and carried out all kinds of tests and pilots over the course of a year. With a positive result, which we are now fine-tuning even further". "At ENGIE we now have around twenty spectacles in use nationwide for work in the non-residential construction sector. Within certain zones in a chemical plant it is not yet 32 possible, because of ATEX regulations and because the glasses still have to be certified as highest class safety glasses. This autumn we will start with some pilots for our customers. You will then find out when it is ready for use. In part, it is therefore still a test, because we also want to overcome all possible obstructions e.g. in the area of privacy legislation. But so far the principle really works very well. There is also a lot of interest from ENGIE nationwide". USER Mark de Kok: "There are more providers of smart glasses, but we find the Iristick spectacles very comfortable for the user. The intelligence and the battery are not on the glasses, but in a paired smartphone. That's why it's not so heavy. The battery also lasts a long time. "In order for all this to go well, you do need to make agreements with your employees. Together with BEMAS, we paid attention to the competencies that technicians need to have in order to go into the field with such an expensive tool. Furthermore, Smart Glasses are not the same as a licence. The technician must

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