visited those in the following months. They showed me all kinds of cases, but a Cobot could add nothing to many of them. There was too much variation in it. It must really be repetitive, monotonous work that does not change every hour. A Cobot is very easy to program if you want to give it another task: you make the desired movement yourself with the Cobot arm, and the program memorises this. Eventually, two concrete use cases came out: at ENGIE in Terneuzen and at ITIS in Goes". TIME-CONSUMING TASK Mark de Kok (ENGIE consultant): "We were curious about this innovation and wanted to know whether the Cobot could help in creating a better quality of execution and above all a safer working environment for our employees. In our workshop in Terneuzen all kinds of mechanical operations are carried out, such as deburring, drilling holes and milling. The cleaning of flanges is also a time-consuming job that comes back every day”. LAB SET UP "Via Smart Tooling, in close consultation with Sirris, we were able to see whether a Cobot could assist us in grinding down all those flanges. After a visit to our company, Sirris first made a test setup in their own lab, where everything was tested. That went very well, so we started with a Universal Cobot, which we deployed in daily practice with the support of Sirris". "This introduction to a Cobot, and the concrete pilot with the flanges, went very well. The new employees who are going to work via our company school Coflex have become acquainted with it. It's good if young people can use innovative techniques. Now we are also looking for other possibilities. For example, we are thinking about the combination of cleaning and welding. 36

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