B E M A S WIM VAN CAUWENBERGHE The Belgian Maintenance Association (BEMAS) was a Flemish partner in the Smart Tooling project. Developing innovative robotics for maintenance is one thing, but the human being happy remains the central focus. Professionals must be able to work well with new technology. With its expertise, BEMAS brought structural clarity to the necessary competences. "In Belgium, BEMAS brings together all parties involved in maintenance and asset management", says Wim Vancauwenberghe (Director). "Our goal is to achieve optimal, or as we often say 'world class' asset management together. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS "In addition to our own activities, we at BEMAS find it very important to contribute to external innovative projects. This always results in new insights and useful solutions, with the ultimate goal of broad deployment in the industry. The Smart Tooling project enables us to contribute to innovative robot applications. It is very important that people are able to work correctly with these robots. If you think about it for a moment, you can see that, for example, an operator of an inspection drone must have a high level of knowledge and skills in order to be able to carry out proper inspections in a chemical storage tank". GOOD ROBOT OPERATORS Good robot operators ensure that the robots deliver quality work, in a safe and efficient way. This is to the advantage of both the asset owner and the service provider. "Together with the robot specialists, we have mapped out the necessary competences in detail within Smart Tooling. Many elements were in the minds of the developers and experts, but in order to pass on that knowledge and experience, it has to be written down. That is why this was an integral part of the Smart Tooling project". 43

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