LEARNING OUTCOMES "The competences have been defined using a European methodology based on Learning Outcomes. We are striving for an unambiguous definition: a kind of uniform language to describe the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for a certain task. Knowledge can be: knowing all the buttons on the control panel. A skill means dealing with the control switch. The third component, which really belongs here, is the attitude and maturity. How experienced are you? Can you perform this task without supervision? UNIFIED APPROACH "The great advantage of such a uniform approach is that it provides concrete and verifiable insights and actions. Training providers can use this to develop a tailor-made training programme. And a company can use it to perfectly check to what extent its robot operators have the right competencies". DISCIPLINE "To correctly describe a competency, requires discipline. You have to formulate everything as concretely as possible. If you say: you have to be able to drive a drone for this work: Do you mean flying a circle? Or fly stably along a wall at a distance of five centimetres? Record it, that way you avoid discussions and you are unambiguous, anywhere in the world". THREE PROJECTS "Within Smart Tooling we have detailed the competences for three projects: Drones in closed spaces, Smart Glasses and Cobot leak detection. The methodology we use only works if the tool is already being used in practice. We have come furthest with the drone inspections for wall thicknesses inside tanks. After all, Terra Inspection is already working on it. We are now able to structure all the competences needed to carry out drone inspections. The company has also already defined three 'levels' for drone operators. That's very interesting for them, because they are a worldwide centre of expertise where all kinds of people follow a training course". "Smart Glasses for remote assistance is another example. We have come a long way there too. It all seems easy to walk around with these glasses, but there are certain skills that you have to master before you go on the road with this rather expensive tool. For users such as ENGIE it is useful to be able to tick the box: you can send this person safely and efficiently into the field with smart glasses. Finally, we have worked on the competency package for an inspection Cobot, with which Itis can carry out leak detections under safe conditions. We have provided the methodology for the other projects. In this way, the companies that are still working can set to work themselves. PEOPLE REMAIN CENTRAL Wim continues: "Smart Tooling fits into the new world of Industry 4.0. Unprecedented possibilities are opening up, for example by 'predicting' future malfunctions and estimating the remaining useful life. But without skilled professionals, we will get nowhere. 44

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