SMART TOOLING INTRODUCTION While installations in the processing industry are ageing, the rules on safety and the environment are becoming stricter. Asset owners are therefore looking for ways to make their installations as reliable as possible at the lowest possible price point. Between 2016 and 2020 KicMPi worked with partners from Flanders and the South of the Netherlands on innovative technical solutions for the Interreg Smart Tooling project. The aim was to develop new types of robotics by combining knowledge. The intended results of the project were prototypes for cleaning, inspection and workshop robotics. In addition, the inspection possibilities of drones were investigated. All eight work packages within Smart Tooling produced concrete results, from working prototypes to innovative working methods. Smart Tooling is an Interreg Flanders-Netherlands project. The cooperation gave the partners an extensive cross-border network and led to surprising, innovative insights. The knowledge was disseminated by the companies in the 3 region and thus provides a breeding ground for future developments. A total of around thirty organisations from the Netherlands and Flanders were involved in the project. Smart Tooling gave asset owners an insight into new technology that will enable service companies to maintain their installations more efficiently in the future. By realising the practical innovations, SMEs and knowledge institutions were able to increase their knowledge and improve their market position. By drawing up competence profiles for the new developments, which can be fitted into new or existing training programmes, all knowledge will remain available permanently. Visit the YouTube channel Smart Tooling for videos >>>

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