PROVINCE OF ZEELAND JO - ANNES DE BAT KicMPi has been able to count on the support and enthusiasm of the Province of Zeeland since its foundation. The Smart Tooling project shows again that the Cooperation between the Province and KicMPi leads to beautiful and important innovations in the processing industry. Commissioner Jo-Annes de Bat: "We think it is important that the processing industry, which provides many jobs in our province, is technically and financially in good health. KicMPi is committed to this. Within the Smart Tooling project, a number of concrete steps have been taken to help achieve this. The cross-border network, both national and international, is also of great importance to Zeeland. "The KicMPi connects education, business, asset owners and innovators/start-ups. In addition to the concrete technological results, the effect on the economic development, safety for staff and the environment are also important". 59 "The relationship between the Province and KicMPi is very pleasant and business like. I myself see them as a very independent, well-functioning organisation, with the right priorities. Their strength is the coordinating and stimulating role. I sometimes hear them say: 'We have grown up by not doing things! That's true, but they do make it happen for others. In fact, they themselves are the lubricant for innovation in our region'. "The openness to share knowledge across borders can only benefit us as a region. The cooperation with, for example, the University of Twente and Ghent University is important to us. Innovation is high on the agenda of the Province of Zeeland, so we are looking forward to further cooperation with KicMPi".

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