SMART TOOLING DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES Regional development companies are involved in the initial design of the Smart Tooling project. They were also responsible for the steering committee as project partners. REWIN As a development company, REWIN has a lot of experience in initiating and stimulating innovation trajectories. These competencies were used for the Smart Tooling project. Due to its neutral role, REWIN connects companies in the chain and with educational and knowledge institutions. For the Smart Tooling project Stefan van Seters of REWIN used company contacts and knowledge of robot technology. Especially in the field of drones, REWIN has developed and implemented several (Dutch and European) projects since 2010. It was therefore a logical decision for Stefan to supervise the innovation projects 'Drones enclosed spaces' and 'Drones outside'. Together with the Aerospace Engineering & Maintenance training of Avans, a successful presentation and demonstration day was organised in 2020. At the Dutch Drone Center Aviolanda Woensdrecht more than 150 attendees could admire the innovations. After more than three years, these projects were successfully completed with working prototypes and a clearly proven usefulness. In the meantime, REWIN has started a follow-up with KicMPi, in the Smart Maintenance Labs project. IMPULS Development organisation NV Economic Impuls Zeeland (Impuls) has deployed its extensive network in the regional business community in the Smart Tooling project. From the Logistics & Maintenance cluster, Impuls supplied project mana-gent for the innovation projects in the field of inspection, especially for the Snakebot and the Inspection Ball. By using Impuls, clear and specific use cases could be developed. The further follow-up in the project was done succesfully in close cooperation with with KIcMPi. 60

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