The Snakebot and the Inspection Ball have been developed into a prototype. The users have shown great interest in these applications. mechatronics and vision technology, the process industry such as Dow Chemical and BASF, and knowledge institutions such as the University of Twente and Avans have difficulty finding each other. BOM Together with entrepreneurs, the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) is building a strong, sustainable, futurebest Brabant economy. It does this by sharing knowledge, forming (international) networks and providing capital for innovative Brabant companies and sustainable energy projects. In addition, the BOM stimulates innovative, foreign companies to establish themselves in Brabant. Research carried out by the BOM showed that many activities in maintenance & services are eligible for (further) robotisation. Companies with competencies in the field of sensing, The aim of the Smart Tooling project was to bring these parties together and to contribute to the development costs of applications with financial resources from the Interreg V programme. This allows clusters of companies to develop a proposition that can be marketed worldwide. The BOM has made its knowledge and expertise in the field of business development available to guide clusters towards a good business model. 61

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