AVANS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES INSPECTION ROBOT ATER CLEANING Avans University of Applied Sciences has been involved in Smart Tooling since the beginning. For Avans robotics is an important subject. One of the goals within the project was to develop an autonomous robot for cleaning and inspection of confined spaces. A number of fourth-year students from the Academy of Engineering & ICT were involved in Smart Tooling, as a final project before graduation. The students calculated that the cleanliness measurements during cleaning could not be accurate enough to draw any conclusions. The high-pressure cleaning disturbed the sensors. It was therefore impossible to make one robot for cleaning and inspection. As a result, they successfully developed a separate, well-functioning inspection robot. This can now inspect a tank autonomously and manually, and is relatively cheap. Lecturer Jos van Kreij*: "As a university of applied sciences, we were very happy with this Interreg project. It gave us time that we could immediately convert into new knowledge for the school. Thanks to this project we have learned a lot about robotics and software in particular. 64 Moreover, this robotics project gave our students the opportunity to learn to work with different disciplines. They usually only deal with their own discipline, but in this design several aspects came together. I am satisfied with the result: the students have done a good job, because there is now a prototype robot that works, from which the business community can benefit". *IN MEMORY OF During the creation of this brochure we received the news that Jos van Kreij died at the beginning of September 2020. We fondly remember Jos' contribution to the project and his collegial and pleasant way of working.

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