Koppert Biological Systems Koppert Biological Systems produces sustainable cultivation solutions for food crops and ornamental plants . Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient . We achieve this by using natural enemies to combat pest infestations, bumblebees for natural pollination, and biostimulants that support and strengthen the crops both above and underground . Restoring and protecting vital ecosystems in a natural way is the basis for healthy crops and a balanced environment . Add our quality know-how and consultancy services to this and you will understand why an increasing number of growers regards us as a partner with whom they can realize their ambitions . Research & Development The ongoing attempt to discover and utilize natural principles forms the backbone of Koppert’s activities . Koppert’s strength lies in its ability to turn this knowledge into practical applications which contribute to finding solutions to prevailing problems . In recent years, Koppert’s extensive know-how in microorganisms, biostimulants and pheromones has inspired countless solutions that have improved plant resilience to the point that diseases hardly stand a chance . Koppert’s Research & Development has frequently been the source of biological solutions which were subsequently adopted worldwide . It is thanks to the company’s great perseverance that a whole variety of specific mites can now be introduced to combat a large number of infestations . Similar ground-breaking discoveries with regard to pollination solutions have provided the basis for enormous production efficiency and quality improvement in many crops . Continuous innovations have led to state of the art versatile bioreactors that facilitate reliable and efficient production of a wide range of beneficial microbes and entomopathogenic nematodes . 6

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