IntrOducTion A TEN-YEAR RELATIONSHIP has become much more valuable and deeper than ever thought possible. Evolving with every project, the relationship between Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio has truly become a mutual partnership in which both companies have found a way to give parts of themselves with the collaboration. Through an alignment of values, rooted in craft and luxury, Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio have blended their best qualities to forge beautiful things together for the future. Baccarat gives Marcel Wanders studio the knowledge and experience to truly craft crystal. Opening the factory to Marcel Wanders' design studio gives it the opportunity to learn from generations of French crystal craftsmen. Marcel Wanders studio entered into this universe to become part of that history, a family that celebrates crystal in a beautiful and authentic way. With the designs of Marcel Wanders studio, the masters of Baccarat push their own limits and expand their level in crafting. In turn, with the understanding of how a 250-year-old culture endures since the era of kings and queens, Marcel Wanders studio is exposed to how that culture evolved in this specific segment of beauty. Inspired by Baccarat’s techniques that span from the days of Louis XV, the Amsterdam-based studio savours the way in which the iconic company’s methods are exactly the same as they were since they were invented. Marcel Wanders studio brings to Baccarat modern audiences for a traditional craft. Experts in the design industry, Marcel Wanders studio helps find new ways to reach future generations. Through the partnership, ideas are elevated and new messages are created. The case for beauty arrives from an artistic approach. A relationship is built on a mutual desire to celebrate heritage and bring it into the contemporary moment. Together, the two companies go beyond functionality and achieve poetry. Marcel Wanders studio brings design in a very unexpected way to a company that celebrates craft better than anyone in the world. This book honours a mutuallyrespectful, long relationship that few companies share today. Both are proud of the collaborative efforts that have moved them forward and just as proud to call each other friends. 11

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