“Welcome into a partnership found at the intersection of heritage and modernity” — Marcel Wanders


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TABLE OF CONTENTS 26 Introduction 8 UNITED CRYSTAL WOODS Concept Les Rois de la Forêt L’Ivresse des Bois 10 HERITAGE, CRAFT & DESIGN The Heritage of Baccarat Inside the Baccarat Factory Marcel Wanders’ Design Approach Timeline Leading heritage into the future — Interview with Sophie Cotelle-Vigroux 12 14 18 20 22 La Forêt des Songes Les Esprits des Bois Centrepiece Collection Crafting a Long-Lasting Partnership — Interview with Marcel Wanders 28 30 34 38 42 44 50 54 NEW ANTIQUE Concept New Antique Vases New Antique Table New Antique Bowl 56 58 62 64

Spotlight: Le Roi Soleil The Zenith Chandelier Design Process Salone del Mobile Launch and Installation Taking a tactile approach — Interview with Gabriele Chiave 66 68 70 74 104 76 THE HARCOURT 1841 COLLECTION Concept Harcourt Set in Stone Harcourt Zero Degrees Harcourt Proost Harcourt Flutissimo Vase Harcourt Mirage 106 108 110 111 112 114 80 JEUX DE CRISTAL Concept Production Chess Dominoes Backgammon Checkers Go 82 86 88 92 94 98 100 Spotlight: Decorté & Baccarat Concept Behind the Scenes 116 118 120 126 Marcel Wanders studio 114

IntrOducTion A TEN-YEAR RELATIONSHIP has become much more valuable and deeper than ever thought possible. Evolving with every project, the relationship between Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio has truly become a mutual partnership in which both companies have found a way to give parts of themselves with the collaboration. Through an alignment of values, rooted in craft and luxury, Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio have blended their best qualities to forge beautiful things together for the future. Baccarat gives Marcel Wanders studio the knowledge and experience to truly craft crystal. Opening the factory to Marcel Wanders' design studio gives it the opportunity to learn from generations of French crystal craftsmen. Marcel Wanders studio entered into this universe to become part of that history, a family that celebrates crystal in a beautiful and authentic way. With the designs of Marcel Wanders studio, the masters of Baccarat push their own limits and expand their level in crafting. In turn, with the understanding of how a 250-year-old culture endures since the era of kings and queens, Marcel Wanders studio is exposed to how that culture evolved in this specific segment of beauty. Inspired by Baccarat’s techniques that span from the days of Louis XV, the Amsterdam-based studio savours the way in which the iconic company’s methods are exactly the same as they were since they were invented. Marcel Wanders studio brings to Baccarat modern audiences for a traditional craft. Experts in the design industry, Marcel Wanders studio helps find new ways to reach future generations. Through the partnership, ideas are elevated and new messages are created. The case for beauty arrives from an artistic approach. A relationship is built on a mutual desire to celebrate heritage and bring it into the contemporary moment. Together, the two companies go beyond functionality and achieve poetry. Marcel Wanders studio brings design in a very unexpected way to a company that celebrates craft better than anyone in the world. This book honours a mutuallyrespectful, long relationship that few companies share today. Both are proud of the collaborative efforts that have moved them forward and just as proud to call each other friends. 11

hEritAge, crAft & deSiGn From French royal families, to tsars, to Japanese emperors, to kings and queens – all have adorned their halls with Baccarat. That’s because they craft crystal unlike any other in our history. Baccarat’s interpretation of the material and the technique forges a quality that brings art to the table. 13

LEFT Preparatory drawing for a triple crystal chandelier. RIGHT The Harcourt 1841 collection, is reputed for its iconic design. THE HERITAGE OF BACCARAT It takes 15 years to master the technique of discovering the infinite possibilities of making crystal. Baccarat dates back to 1764 when the Bishop of Metz desired to stimulate commerce in the little village of Baccarat, some 400 km East of Paris. It was then that the Verrerie de Sainte Anne was created and successfully manufactured all kinds of utility glassware. Surviving the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, Baccarat has held true to its tradition and heritage. It is a company that holds steady on a subject that will always be relevant to the world – the handing down of an heirloom of craftsmanship. In collaboration with an elite of artisans, the company has embraced its craft, slowness, and its quality. It has never sought to be mainstream or commercial, but rather always gravitating to the high-end market, offering very unique and very luxurious pieces. Baccarat boasts the highest number of award-winning Best Craftsmen in France, more than any other French luxury house. The movements and gestures are ancestral but Baccarat’s ingenious craftsmanship has always stood at the leading edge of innovation. They have never wavered from producing items that represent the highest level of life, style and beauty. From their know-how of very specific skills comes unrivalled sophistication. Yet, Baccarat’s heritage remains a paradox. From fire comes the world’s most refined and transparent product. From hard instruments, dirty environments, hot ovens and 24-hour shifts comes the most feminine and delicate result. From hell comes a piece of heaven. To mark Baccarat’s 250th anniversary, the Grandes Galeries at the Petit Palais hosted the masterpieces of the world’s most celebrated crystal maker. It was an astonishing testimony to the virtuosity of Baccarat's craftsmen who, for generations, have uniquely crafted crystal, hand making both the thick and the delicate. It is a world that comes from the past into today. 15

INSIDE THE BACCARAT FACTORY It is called the Baccarat Village. It is a factory surrounded by the homes of the craftsmen. They work around the clock with three eight-hour shifts. Generations have lived and worked their entire lives in the village. Being there you see the children and the grandparents. It’s very unique. When the team of Marcel Wanders studio spent time there, they worked as the residents did. 16 Everyone worked and ate together and then, worked some more. They worked alongside craftsmen discussing cuts and designs. There is the blowing of crystal to cool it, then cutting it cold. In the heat and steam, they would see a piece being crafted and make decisions about that piece as it cooled – it was a constant process day and night.

LEFT Exterior of the Baccarat factory located in the city of Baccarat, the place it takes its name from, dating back to 1764, when King Louis XV gave permission to found a glassworks manufacture. RIGHT In Baccarat, the ancient art of crystal blowing has been carried out for centuries, generation after generation, its secrets passed on from father to son, groomed on tradition, expertise and culture. Today, Baccarat stands for unparallel quality and culture. 17

ABOVE The art of crystal blowing is a physically exhausting and gritty activity. From a dark blazing sweaty space the most feminine delicate crystal shapes are born. 19

ABOVE Paying attention to all details, Marcel Wanders carefully revises prototypes and directs the team. 20

DESIGN APPROACH For Marcel Wanders studio, there is no higher standard than those of beauty and meaning. Throughout the creative process, the design studio reaches these benchmarks through its fundamental dedication to craftsmanship and collaboration. Bringing the human touch to design, Marcel Wanders studio is a studio that approaches its craft by eliminating the coldness of industrialism and creating a relationship that unites material and people. To produce design that is authentic, the studio embraces heritage and time-honoured processes, ensuring that the highest quality design is achieved and the ability of craftsmen is not lost. Marcel Wanders studio is at its best when designing for people, when producing human connection. The design studio strives to uplift the human spirit, by connecting with the past and bringing it into the contemporary moment, by performing cultural innovation. In this way, the studio approaches design with a purpose to bring new products to market that reveal an innovative, sustainable use of materials. By creating what the brand calls the contemporary renaissance of humanism, Marcel Wanders studio finds ways to solve a problem and enable design to fit seamlessly into people’s lifestyles and make the world a better place. Whether designing an object or an interior space, Marcel Wanders studio begins and ends these processes by considering how a person will need to experience the design or how it plays into their emotional state. Creating what is considered holistic design makes an enduring impact upon those who are moved by it. A concept put into practice at Baccarat by helping them understand how their industry and their craft can connect to people of both today and tomorrow. Marcel Wanders studio brings something that is linked to the past which is not industrial design thinking. It is not functional. It is how the company takes the most artistic approach to beauty. 21

timEliNe 2010 UNITED CRYSTAL WOODS Filled with poetry and beauty, ‘United Crystal Woods’ (2010) is the first collection for Baccarat, comprising four product groups: ‘La Forêt des Songes’, a series of candlesticks and vases; ‘Les Esprits des Bois’, a family of deer’s metamorphosed into exceptional candelabras; ‘Les Rois de la Forêt’, a set of four majestic vases and ‘L’Ivresse des Bois’, a collection of wine glasses and carafes engraved with the signature Nosé. 2014 NEW ANTIQUE VASES Created in a limited edition of 99 pieces, the 'New Antique Vase' is a re-interpretation of the celebrated Medicis vase. Available in deep cobalt blue, passion red, fiery amber, enigmatic black and clear crystal, these audacious masterpieces exalt beauty and excess while endlessly reflecting light. 22

2016 LE ROI SOLEIL CHANDELIER This spherical, contemporary ‘Le Roi Soleil’ chandelier connects to modern architecture, yet remains recognisable as a true Baccarat icon. Launched in 2016 as a tribute to the illustrious monarch Louis XIV, this exceptional light creation exists as a dazzling symbol of modernity. 2019 JEUX DE CRISTAL As a celebration of timeless quality, the ‘Jeux de Cristal’ collection is a reinvention of the artifacts of history's most iconic games brought into the contemporary moment. The collection includes five games: Backgammon, Checkers, Domino, Chinese Go and Chess, each an ode to the enduring beauty of competition and the ingenuity, craftsmanship and know-how of the manufacturer's artisans. 2021 HARCOURT A true Baccarat icon. Graced by perfection and its pure yet regal silhouette, the Harcourt collection is the fruit of unrivalled expertise. Since its creation in 1841, the Harcourt glass has been the epitome of French taste – from the flat cut pattern of the bowl to the finely chiseled leg, down to the hexagonal foot with beveled geometry. A showcase of prestigious craftmanship from every angle. 23

partners in craft A CONVERSATION WITH SOPHIE COTELLE-VIGROUX As the Director of Collections at Baccarat and working for the company for more than twenty years, Sophie Cotelle-Vigroux has been at the heart of the brand’s evolution. The driving force behind new collections and innovations, and the liaison between designer and factory. Sophie reveals the magic behind the long-term collaboration of Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT I remember very well the first time Marcel visited our manufacture in the village of Baccarat, he brought us the typical Dutch ‘stroopwafel’. Days full of fun and discovery followed. It was very exciting to see Marcel spend lots of time in the workshop together with the blowers and cutters, taking in their craftsmanship and know-how with full respect and admiration. I could tell it was there and then, that he felt the heart and soul of Baccarat and would do its best to magnify the beauty of crystal. It was the beginning of our beautiful story which we have made stronger with every new collection. 24 THE REBIRTH OF AN ICON Marcel and Gabriele are very demanding and that in the best possible way. They work hard and request many interactions with my team and me to clearly understand the purpose of a new collection. As was the case for Le Roi Soleil. It started with a brief asking the studio to revisit the iconic Zénith chandelier and propose a more contemporary design for this classic piece. Marcel came back asking for many different figures, trying to grasp and understand every single fact.

For the chandelier the studio proposed a change in shape, evolving its traditional triangular silhouette into a modern, spherical structure while respecting the details that are iconic of the Zénith chandelier. It might seem evident today, but groundbreaking at the time: a new vision of crystal that we never thought would be feasible from a creative and technical point of view and would definitely challenge the exceptional know-how of the craftsmen at the factory. Having worked on the existing shape of the arms for decades, we asked them to forget everything and come up with a new way of extending and twisting the arms. Lots of trials and test followed and many conversations with the studio. When the first prototype was ready, it was a big moment for all of us. A reinforcement that we were on to something good. The presentation that followed, of their Le Roi Soleil, was clever. An adjective that truly speaks for Marcel and Gabriele – besides being tremendously talented and creative, they know exactly where they can add value to the brand. Le Roi Soleil, is the epitome of our collaboration and a symbol of both the modernity and timelessness of Baccarat: one exceptional piece that will be sought after for many years to come. 25

“A new vision of Baccarat that we never thought would be feasible from a creative point of view” A PERFECT PAIR It is also through the studio that we discovered the beauty of marble. It was subtly combined with crystal for the first time in the creation of the New Antique vases. An alliance of materials that we never envisioned yet has proven to be very successful. A story that we will take even further with the 180th year anniversary of the emblematic Harcourt glass. Paying tribute to this legendary collection with a set of two Harcourt glasses executed in black and white marble. A NEW SPIRIT When I come to Marcel Wanders studio, I am looking for something specific, something innovative. The team is very strong in creating impressive pieces that have the power to generate desirability in key markets and drive business. Even more so, they know how to identify new areas and find different orientations from a design perspective: bringing in a new spirit and accompanying the brand in its evolution. The Game collection ‘Jeux de Cristal’ is one of the projects where it was clear from its start that the studio would be the right match with their experience in combining crystal with marble and ability to literarily change the game. PART OF THE FAMILY We hold long-term bonds with the designers we work with. I believe that especially the human relationships are crucial – it’s a question of loyalty and friendship. Finding a way of working together, having open conversations and the willingness to listen. All the more for Baccarat, it is important to be respectful of the past and truly understand the material, which the studio clearly does. They know each and every constraint, they comprehend the 26 be respectful of the past and truly understand the material A BRIGHT FUTURE For me, crystal is all about experience, like the Baccarat hotel in New York. A beautiful place fully dressed in crystal. In the upcoming years we will continue to explore new ways to use our exciting products and appeal to new younger audiences. Letting them know and see how amazing crystal is and how modern and versatile it can be in its use. As to our relationship with Marcel Wanders studio, it’s what stories are made of. Think about it like a big book with many different chapters that we don’t want to close, ever. So, we just have to continue writing new chapters to our endless story. Baccarat DNA and truly have much love for the brand. You know, sometimes when we are at an event and meet new people together, Gabriele refers to us as “my Baccarat family”. I think this is the true keyword in the relationship and not only for Marcel or Gabriele but the for their whole studio.

ABOVE Le Roi Soleil and the New Antique table launch during Salone del Mobile in Milan in April 2016. This eye-catching spherical chandelier, culturally innovates the typology of what a chandelier is traditionally. 27

United cryStal wOodS From a fantastical vision of a mystical forest come distorted surroundings and shifting realities. Created in 2010, this collection was designed through the channeling of the natural world to reveal the magical quality of crystal that allows for the everlasting beauty of resounding luminance. 28


“ A long time ago, I remember... vaguely, waking up after a possibly... long sleep. With my head on the table, distorted, and surrounded by too many beautiful empty glasses, I opened my eyes to an autumn forest of emptied crystal trees. What once made the trees colourful was gone, only a few splashes, dried out pools randomly scattered over my table of friends remained. I arose in the forest of the united crystals. Too much light forcing me to close my eyes, too many sparkles for a heavy night, boys will always be boys. Soon, my imagination drifted – another strange forest. Here, the trees were bathing in the lights of four different suns. Light hit the crystal dewdrop-trees, the kings of the forest, in their own special seasonal manner. Four royal trees attracted these rays of light. This was the forest of eternal evolution; always changing order, flavour and position. Then, it was silent again when I entered the most remote and hidden of the forests of the united crystals, the forest of the lost dreams. Here the most captivating of all forests lived. It was the forest of the lost species. During the day, the forest was quiet. At night, it would wake up and gently wander around, towering over the united forest. Instead of being animated by trees, it was a forest of deer, hosting all other species, silent and invisible. Ultimately, I would wake again, my mouth dry as cardboard and my head, the weight of the entire table inside. This little journey ended with the sound of a slamming door... No reason... Welcome forest of the lost species... Are you going to take me home? „ – Marcel Wanders 31

LES ROIS DE LA FORÊT LIMITED EDITION Created in Limited Edition these majestic, clear crystal vases look like monarchs adorned in their most glorious robes of splendour. On classic solid polished brass bases of gold, dark bronze, gilded silver and chromium, the deeply cut patterns feature contrasting geometric rhythms, diamond and square shapes – truly royal mantles for the kings of the forest. 32

Photo © Copyright

Photo © Copyright

LEFT & RIGHT These emblematic creations subtly blend codes from the past and present. In clear crystal, these masterpieces pay homage to the timelessness of crystal cuts with their endless light reflections. 35

L’IVRESSE DES BOIS WINE GLASSES COLLECTION L’Ivresse des Bois is a collection of beautifully cut carafes and wine glasses. Clear cut round crystal makes the base and stems of this elegant and iconic set. As a nod to the Marcel Wanders brand, the signature Nosé appears within each crystal glass stem and forms the stopper of the carafe that is offered in red or clear crystal. Working with an oenologist, the designers of Marcel Wanders studio added a Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne crystal to the traditional ones. Two magnificently elegant carafes – including one decanter – complete this sophisticated line. 36 LEFT & RIGHT Marcel Wanders studio always finds unexpected ways to surprise. Here, his signature reference Nosé celebrates the brand and playfully winks to the user. The Nosé is a reminder that Marcel Wanders plays the role of poet, magician, engineer and entertainer – all at the same time.




LA FORÊT DES SONGES CANDLE HOLDER COLLECTION Clear luxurious crystal candlesticks and vases beckon attention from across the room. Baccarat’s heritage is on full display as it combines with Marcel Wanders studio signature lace motif patterns that are alternately lightly and deeply engraved. Anchored in a deeply cut crystal base, the multipurpose candle holders and vases come in various arrangements to playfully mix and match. 41

“lUxury StartS whEre funCtionAlity endS and whEre thE trUe Value iS perSonAl and So haS nO pRice Or reaSon” MARCEL WANDERS 42

LES ESPRITS DES BOIS CANDELABRAS A design devoted to the legendary animals of the forest. These large deers appear like dream images at the edge of the woods and magically metamorphose into exceptional candelabra. This line features three different sizes, from two metres for the tall deer to ninety centimetres for the small deer. The slender forms are made of square, polished stainless steel, topped with engraved, clear crystal candleholders, votive holders or vases. Designed to majestically hold champagne glasses, when decorated with candles or ethereal flowers, they become striking decors of light. 44


CENTREPIECE COLLECTION LIMITED EDITION To celebrate the launch of the 'United Crystal Woods' collection, a special collection of pieces was created, combining both marble and crystal and gilded clay and crystal. Originally intended to be in store decorative elements, the demand for the striking and playful designs unfolded in a limitededition collection containing vases, one-minute sculptures and a champagne cooler among others. 47

ABOVE Marcel Wanders studio is also known for its captivating art direction. Hinting on the difficulty to photograph 48 crystal, a material that reflects light, the brand developed a visual campaign around strategies of camouflage and optical effects.


RIGHT Inspired by a vision of shifting realities revealed through the fabulous attributes of crystal, each piece within the limited collection is designed to take centre stage. 50


Cra�ting a LongINTERVIEW WITH MARCEL WANDERS Marcel Wanders studio has a long-term relationship with Baccarat, crafting what has become some of the studio’s most lauded designs. Here, Marcel Wanders shares his vision on reimagining classics, keeping an eye on heritage and celebrating the timeless art of crafting crystal. 52 �asting Partne�ship

What has it meant for you to collaborate with Baccarat? Collaborating with Baccarat is an art in itself. During a project with them, a symbiotic relationship is quickly formed. Our high standards for beauty and meaning are aligned throughout the creative process. It is uplifting to work alongside artisans, true craftsmen who take pride in the smallest of details. It is a truly rewarding experience to work with a company that strives to continually improve its global presence. It is a collaboration that has resulted in some of our most lauded designs. They allow us to be an ambassador for their world. We are able to dive into their country and to work with all that they have, to show new sides of their heritage. What people will notice about both our studio and Baccarat is that we listen to craft. We work with materials that bring out the best in our designers and craftsmen. We both try to innovate culture. Our relationship is defined by a place where craft and material go together in a contemporary way. I mean, they inspire us with their skills and their history. They do what no other company can do. And so, with them, we can do something that only we can do. 53

“�ou see a kind of �erfection, a �ind of quality that you recognise as if you wer� looking at something with a �nique savoir-fai�e.” What is the process of working with Baccarat like? We have a special relationship. As designers, finding common ground with a company like Baccarat takes time in the beginning. We found that there were enough similarities in our values to build upon. We learned that we could accomplish something meaningful. The process of each project is slow, but that’s also why it is so special. That’s why after three years of working on a design, you see something that you can only see after three years. You see a kind of perfection, a kind of quality that you recognise as if you were looking at something with a unique savoir-faire. This type of feeling is something we can only build with a company like Baccarat. “�ith Le �oi Soleil, we challenged t�e typology.” What is the biggest challenge of designing a game? As with many things we create, the design of the game-collection Jeux de Cristal started with a study of people. We found that there are game fanatics who have relationships built upon the time spent playing games and experience camaraderie through competition. Or take a friend of mine, who only plays checkers with his father and always at the same little table in their house. It is the thing they share, their little tradition. So, playing a game is something that has more meaning for some people than for others – like most things. When designing Jeux de Cristal, we kept a persona in mind that would desire a special, exclusive version of the world’s most iconic games. The challenge was not to understand the games but to make sure we honoured their history. We focused on details and beautiful touches that we could bring to these timeless games of strategy. It has been extremely rewarding to design something that improves people’s minds and their strategic thinking... What are you most proud of from your collaboration with Baccarat? The design of Le Roi Soleil is a literal highlight for me. Where for most chandeliers the arms are defining or there is little movement, we challenged the typology with Le Roi Soleil. We kept the complexity of a classic Baccarat chandelier and transformed its typical shape into something unexpected. We made it spherical. You feel it’s Baccarat immediately. It is recognisable from hundreds of metres away. I think that’s remarkable, to do something that is so authentic and connected to Baccarat. It is the thing I’m most proud of in the collaboration with Baccarat. What’s next with Baccarat? We don’t currently know what our next collaboration will bring. But we know that collaborating with Baccarat is always an opportunity to combine our strengths of craftsmanship and beauty to create memorable pieces. 55

neW antiQue Crystal has always been celebrated. Centuries of generations have treasured this material. In its turn, marble is one of the first materials used for sculpture from the Greek era. What Marcel Wanders studio brought into the collection almost from the beginning, was the connection of these two very different materials which naturally evolved the skills and techniques that have become legendary in the crystal industry. Matching crystal with marble elevates the beauty of each material. Heritage made modern. 56


CONCEPT From blended codes of the past and the present comes a reinterpretation of audacious and timeless masterpieces. Cut with precision, the New Antique celebrates the monumental Medici vase, a marble bell-shaped krater sculpted in Athens in the second half of the 1st century AD. The concept also hints at Baccarat's own re-issue of the ornament created in 1909 for the International Exhibition of Eastern in France. An icon brought into the contemporary moment with the bold yet elegant New Antique Vases (2014) dressed in cobalt blue, passion red, enigmatic black and clear crystal, which in their turn served as a inspiration for the New Antique Table. A playful inversion whereby a New Antique Vase was incidentally positioned upside down ignited the idea for the table. A white marble top and a rechargeable LED lighting system made the vase turn into a whimsical table with a captivating aura. 59


NEW ANTIQUE VASES Made with exquisite hand-blown crystal mounted on stylish marble bases, the New Antique Vases are re-interpretations of the celebrated Medicis vase. Timeless masterpieces, these limited-edition vases are large and audacious, offering cut crystal that endlessly reflects light. The subtle combination of the two materials brings a luxurious touch to these iconic vases that do not require flowers to be strikingly beautiful. 61


LEFT & RIGHT Audacious, passionate and joyful, the New Antique Vases are masterpieces that stand the test of time while celebrating the past.

NEW ANTIQUE TABLE The New Antique Table is a stunning reinterpretation of the New Antique Vase. It is made with a larger replica of the vase turned upside down and paired with marble to create the base of this elegant, eyecatching table. Crowned with a white marble top, the re-invented object is designed with a concealed rechargeable LED system that seems to suspend the table in mid-air. With a captivating aura, the table emits light from below through the crystal to illuminate this contemporary combination of two worlds and languages. Through this playful inversion, styles and shapes of the past come together in this crystal piece. 64

NEW ANTIQUE BOWL Resting on a white marble foot, the New Antique bowl is a dazzling round centrepiece. An alliance of marble and crystal, a fusion of past and present, that comes alive with the play of light and is adorned with a geometric cut that reflects light to infinity and beyond. Allowing one to enjoy the beauty of crystal and the essence of its cuts at its best. 67

SPOTLIGHT lE rOi SolEil Launched in 2016, Le Roi Soleil is the type of cultural innovation that represents Marcel Wanders’ philosophy and thinking in the field of design. It is a celebration of timeless qualities as it re-invents the typology of the classic Zenith chandelier, bringing it into the contemporary moment. It is a spherical symbol of modernity that reveals Marcel Wanders’ passion for reinvention, boldness and beauty. 68

THE ZENITH CHANDELIER The Zenith Chandelier was originally designed by Baccarat in the XIX century. It showcases the meticulous finery of Baccarat’s craftsmanship. The original chandelier is a truly dazzling decorative piece. Its wealth of decoration is enthralling – designed as a luminous clear crystal revelation – an illuminated sculptural splendour. It has a central column of cut crystal that resourcefully masks all wires. Glorious from any angle, it features chiseled prisms, sparkling pendants and Baccarat’s signature single red octagonal crystal. In 2016, Marcel Wanders studio set out to design a contemporary version of this wonderful chandelier. 70 RIGHT From the Baccarat archives comes a drawing, ‘No. 17069’, portraying a historical chandelier with thirty-six candles in clear crystal. Design critic Dan Rubinstein, stated “Tradition gets seriously warped at Baccarat” with this re-invention by Marcel Wanders studio of a late nineteenth century creation.

1 2 3 1840 DESIGN PROCESS Le Roi Soleil is an exceptional light creation that exists as a dazzling symbol of modernity. Staying true to the original design language of Baccarat's iconic ‘Zénith’ chandelier, this magnificent reinterpretation is an ode to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the manufactory artisans. With stretched and distorted branches, tassels and octagons, a perfect heavenly body was created. 72 Featuring softened angles and crystal shades with cut motifs that have been inclined to form to the curves of the chandelier, Le Roi Soleil delivers an imposing promise of a new era of light. To realise a contemporary innovation within the boundaries of a traditional typology without it losing its core qualities and wonderful refinement is no small act. Marcel Wanders studio created a chandelier that is unmistakable Baccarat yet recognisable as a new icon.

4 5 2016 ABOVE As a tribute to the illustrious monarch Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil pays homage to the Zenith chandelier, a true Baccarat icon. 1. Visualisation of the historic Zenith Chandelier by Baccarat 2. Central crop of the historic Zenith Chandelier by Baccarat showing its complex structure 3. Sketch showing the main shapes of the Zenith Chandelier at the origin of the development and creation of Le Roi Soleil 4. Development and ideation of Le Roi Soleil shapes and body structure 5. Drawing of Le Roi Soleil in its full glory 73

SALONE DEL MOBILE LAUNCH AND INSTALLATION During Salone del Mobile 2016, visitors were given the opportunity of the first look at this incredible display of modernity. With grace and grandeur two reimagined chandeliers held everyone’s attention captive. When presented, it was installed inside a wooden crate that was lined with mirrors. This resulted in an eternal scene of light revealing the complexity of crystal over and over again. 77

taking a Tactile App�oac� INTERVIEW WITH GABRIELE CHIAVE With an opportunity to emphasise craft and tactile design, Creative Director, Gabriele Chiave set out to focus not only on the potentiality of the material, but the joining of two companies that celebrate heritage. Here, Gabriele Chiave discusses how the skills and techniques of Marcel Wanders studio and Baccarat’s artisans complemented each other to create beauty. 78

How does your particular approach to materials align with Baccarat’s? The level of work we do is similar to Baccarat. Our work is not very mainstream and gravitates around a high-end type of market, with very unique pieces, very expensive pieces, very luxurious pieces. Our approach is like theirs in that we believe in bringing the human touch to the materials we work with. Whether it is crystal or marble or anything else, we’re going to approach it with the goal of taking our time to craft it, to shape it, to keep it as far from a mass-produced piece as possible. We overlap each other in that we really create special items, which you could not do with machines. 79


“�e are nearly ide�tical in the wa� we view the �mportance of looking at the past, to not lose tradition, to not �ose crafts’ knowledg�” How does Baccarat’s history of crafting crystal inspire? Crafting crystal is a very unique process and it never really changes. What has changed is their movement towards the design world and the design scene in the late twentieth century. Now, look at what we are doing as a company, which is basically celebrating the past, not only as for style and look and feel, but also as techniques and craft. We overlap in how we use something, such as a technique. They really match the way we work in the studio. We are nearly identical in the way we view the importance of looking at the past, to not lose tradition, to not lose crafts’ knowledge and also, to not lose sight of the ability of people. How did Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio blend their best qualities to forge beautiful things together for the future? What we brought into the collection almost since the beginning, was the connection with a different material. We started using marble and crystal together. These are very different materials, but also very similar, as they are both strong materials. So, working with Baccarat was a great experience of bringing our skills together, literally. We unified two materials from the past which are linked to craft and we brought them together. Our approach is similar as well. We spoke of details, materials and quality in the same manner. Not working with machines, we aligned our processes to ensure craftsmanship was our benchmark in every piece we created together. How did you drive cultural innovation working with Baccarat? What is most innovative about working with Baccarat was creating an interpretation of their skills and traditions. We were able to bring our pursuit of beauty and design aesthetic to an industry that has been around for centuries. We were innovating probably in the typology, in the approach, in the variety and the eclectics of mixing materials and processes together. We innovated through the color technique that was not used before. Also in the New Antique approach that features the various cuts, creating new results. That’s how we innovate. When we speak about craft, we don’t necessarily innovate technically, but culturally. “�arble and crystal togethe�” Where there any challenges in creating this collection? One of the challenges was perfecting the connection of the pieces to the crystal. Crystal is not plastic and therefore, it is less tolerant – maybe giving one or two millimetres. Other challenges arose around the weight and cost of each of the items we’ve created with Baccarat. Our goal throughout, as we found challenges was to keep the craftsmanship. As we pushed the creations, we were careful to avoid moving things closer to the industrial, therefore less human process. 81

jeUx de CriStal Baccarat’s artisans have a rare ability to be fearless. With the creation of these games came the challenge of creating objects not destined to sit in a closet or on a shelf. The purpose of this collection, therefore, was to inspire connection and build relationships. Our high standards for beauty and meaning were aligned throughout the creative process of these games, resulting in a collection that brings people together to play and appreciate the craftsmanship found in the smallest of details. 82

CONCEPT Inspired by the origins and history of board games, Marcel Wanders studio embraced the opportunity to capture the essence of the appeal of victory and the heroic ways of defeat. From the study of the physical flow of movement, strategy, competition and relationship is born a collection of board games reimagined. The challenge of designing luxurious pieces that embody the true meaning of timelessness is what created the desire to 84 launch this extraordinary collection. Strategy, heritage and elegant aesthetics all play their role in the contemporary expression of these generational heirlooms. Along with the boards themselves and the pieces within each game, the coin is adorned with a floral motif, three flowers with symbolic value combined together as one – the French fleur-de-lis, the Dutch tulip and the bloom that was drawn on the first board game ever found, the Game of Ur.


“bY reimAginIng gAmeS of StrAtegy With luxUriouS modeRnity, we’Ve eleVated thE impoRtance of paSSing dOwn ceNturieS-Old cultuRal trAdiTionS.” GABRIELE CHIAVE


PRODUCTION Considering multiple materials, the team agreed to create the majority of the game collection out of marble. It is the perfect complement to the crystal pieces as it is a noble material that had also been used in previous collaborations. One of the challenges was finding the right producer of marble, with the right quality. Once that was settled, the next part of production was ensuring that enough of the Baccarat DNA was woven into the collection. This was accomplished by adding some special touches like the integration of the signature floral motif within the pieces of the games collection. Marcel Wanders studio anchored the collection in the brand colours of black, white and red. The material of marble and crystal in various colours come together to luxuriously display these games of yore. 89

CHESS Black and clear crystal figures move stately upon a black and white marble board. Alternating turns, players across from each other exchange the luxurious pieces with the express purpose of capturing the other's more valuable pieces. Towards the ultimate goal of checkmate, they proceed. Considering every move, they align their pieces to place their opponent in a position of submission. With the final capture of the king, one is left with no option but to accept defeat with honour. Strategy has never been so beautiful. 90




DOMINOES From a marble container lined with velvet and featuring a red crystal on its lid come elegantly cut black crystal dominoes. Taking turns, players lay their pieces down in an effort to acquire the most points before the dominoes run out. Designed with impeccable detail that includes the illustrious floral motif on the reverse side of the numbers, these tokens bring a heightened sense of luxury to the simplest of games. With every turn players match numbers with matchless beauty. 95

BACKGAMMON Set atop a marble board, crystal pieces present luxurious details that allow for strategic moves. Each piece on the board is embellished with a floral relief - three flowers with symbolic value combined together as one – the French fleur-de-lis, the Dutch tulip and the bloom that was drawn on the first board game ever found, the Game of Ur. Taking turns, pieces move at the behest of the dice. Upon the board, appointed with velvet and diamond shapes, players race to move their elegant pieces around the board and be the first to remove them all. Every roll of the dice is a thing of beauty. 96


“beAuty iS onlY abOut relAtionShipS. nothiNg iS beAutifuL on itS oWn.” MARCEL WANDERS 98


CHECKERS A marble board complete with black and clear squares is the setting for this classic game. Crystal octagons represent each of the opponents’ pieces. Proceeding with caution, each player presses forward looking for a place to jump and capture an opposing crystal token graced with the collection’s signature floral motif. With the goal of eliminating all of an opponent’s pieces from the board, each unit catches the attention even more. 101

GO Upon a marble board highlighted by small red crystal pearls, players take turns placing their pieces in advantageous positions. From marble buckets that feature red crystal lids come black and clear crystal coins strategically set to acquire territory. Each player places his pieces to treasure around the board in a way to keep the other from gaining ground. When these run out, the territory is calculated and a winner is declared. Beauty reigns across the land of Go. 102



ABOVE Jeux de Cristal continues Marcel Wanders studio's relationship with Baccarat celebrating a mindset of craftsmanship and quality. In regards to form, function, material and most importantly, the connection with the human spirit. 105

the hArcouRt 1841 collection A true Baccarat icon. Graced by perfection and its pure yet regal silhouette, the Harcourt collection is the fruit of unrivalled expertise. Since its creation in 1841, the Harcourt glass has been the epitome of French taste – from the flat cut pattern of the bowl to the finely chiseled leg, down to the hexagonal foot with beveled geometry. A showcase of prestigious craftmanship from every angle. 106


CONCEPT Beloved by many, the Harcourt glass has been a welcome guest at the most prominent tables, official dinners and receptions all over the world and has become a continuing source of inspiration for an entire family of “objets d’art”. In celebration of the 180th anniversary of the star of glasses, five new designs have been released carrying forward the indisputable Harcourt spirit. A tribute to its craftsmanship and eternal glory. “Harcourt is the living proof that a legend of the past can well be a legend of tomorrow. With this collection we celebrate its timeless beauty and add a new chapter to its fascinating story.” – Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director, Marcel Wanders studio 109

HARCOURT SET IN STONE To capture the rich history of the Harcourt glass as a keepsake for generations to come, the icon has been set in stone, literally. Magnifying the pure yet powerful silhouette of the glass in the finest Italian black and white marble. A challenging exercise that required the unrivaled expertise and craftmanship of the ‘Peletti & Simonetti’ workshop in Tuscany to match every cut and curve in marble. An exceptional set of glasses that symbolizes all of Harcourt’s features: audacity, passion and excellent know-how. 110


HARCOURT ZERO DEGREES Dressed for the occasion, this set of two limited edition Harcourt glasses has been adorned with a beautifully etched embellishment that gracefully unfolds from the hexagonal foot to the flat cuts of the bowl. Symbolising whimsical flowers born from 112 crystal and frozen in time, both glasses are wrapped in a unique pattern: one illustrating a playful ensemble of organic, free-flowing elements, the other boosting a fascinating, geometric grid inspired by Baccarat’s characteristic crystal octagon.

HARCOURT PROOST With Harcourt Proost one of the most beloved drinks in the world can now be enjoyed in style. Resting on the signature hexagonal foot, the soft, curved lines of the glass fully embrace any craft beer, amplifying its taste, aroma and aesthetic. The moment light catches the glass’s structure, beer turns into pure gold, elevating the drinking experience to a new level. Cheers! – or as the Dutch say: ‘Proost!’ 113

HARCOURT FLUTISSIMO VASE Because a celebration can’t do without some fine champagne and beautiful flowers, the original Harcourt 1841 champagne flute has been reimagined into a spectacular bubbly vase with an elegant silhouette. The grand, hand-blown flute perches on a white marble base that is perfectly sculptured in the signature Harcourt stem and hexagonal foot. A marriage of past and present. 114



HARCOURT MIRAGE A true masterpiece designed to make an entrance and challenge the odds. Measuring a stellar 1,20 meters, the Harcourt Mirage combines two vases together to be one. Not only physically but also in style: blending the aesthetics of the New Antique Vase with the codes of Harcourt as illustrated by its flattened cuts and the emblematic hexagonal foot at its heart. A vision of beauty that will leave one wondering. 117

SPOTLIGHT deCorté & bAccaRat From a ten-year partnership of Marcel Wanders studio with Decorté come products of the highest quality based on research and design. In honour of the 50-year anniversary of Decorté, Baccarat joins the alliance, combining their values and unique know-how in the creation of an exclusive premium edition of the Meliority cream. Based upon an artistic approach and a mutual desire to celebrate beauty, an iconic cream jar originated. It is the epitome of what it means to blend the best of what each company does and forge something beautiful. 119


DESIGN CONCEPT DECORTÉ CREAM The DNA of Decorté, Baccarat and Marcel Wanders studio is on display in the form of a luxurious clear crystal jar holding a special cream formulated by Decorté. Evolving from elegant curves to deep cuts, the iconic jar is topped by a sophisticated octagonal lid surmounted by a red octagon, the signature of Baccarat. Accompanying the sculpted jar is an ergonomic spatula adorned with Baccarat’s iconic crystal cuts. The bottom of this limited-edition keepsake includes the logos of each collaborator set around the stamp of the manufacturer located in Baccarat, France. Feminine and exclusive, this precious piece comes as a gift, presented in Baccarat’s classical red box along with two refills, and is designed to be cherished long after they are finished. 121

BEHIND THE SCENES Since 1764 Baccarat has been the synonym for superb craftsmanship and to this day symbolizes the inimitable French ‘Art de Vivre‘, striking the perfect balance between heritage and modernity. The Baccarat manufactory is the place where blowers, cutters, engravers and gilders have put their inimitable talent at the service of perfection transforming matter into objects of desire. It takes 122 15 years to master these techniques and work with the infinite possibilities of sculpting crystal, and only one second to fall in love with the results. With its 13 ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France‘ Baccarat is home to the highest number of award-winning Best Craftsmen in France, more than any other French luxury maison.

LEFT When passion and profession blend into excellence... Hand-crafted in the Baccarat workshops in France since 1764, every piece is a real work of art and a tribute to the unique know-how of its artisans. RIGHT Finding that perfect balance between ancestral gestures and timeless modernity over and over again. 123

ABOVE Each piece handmade by the elite craftsmen of Baccarat: blowers, gilders, engravers and cutters put their inimitable talent at the service of perfection. 124

mArcel wanDerS studiO Marcel Wanders studio is a leading product and interior design studio credited with 1,900+ iconic projects. Under the creative leadership of Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave, the multidisciplinary team of 40+ breathes creativity across a multitude of projects. Marcel Wanders studio works with premium brands such as Alessi, Baccarat, Bisazza, Christofle, Decorté, Flos, KLM, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Louis Vuitton, Morgans Hotel Group and Puma. 128 Today, many of Marcel Wanders’ designs are celebrated in some of the most renowned museums in the world, including the Centre Pompidou (FR), MoMA (US), and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL). Marcel Wanders studio is shaping the design industry and advocating for a more romantic and humanistic design thinking. Respecting the past and the diversity of cultures, Marcel Wanders studio develops a contemporary language that is personal yet a catalyst for the post-post-modernist era we

call the 'Contemporary Renaissance of Humanism'. Rooted in a humanistic perspective, Marcel Wanders studio brings back humanity in the technocratic world of design. Creating a reality in which designer, craftsperson and user feel welcomed and embraced. With each new project, Marcel Wanders studio defies design dogma, preferring to focus instead on the holistic, romantic, surreal, archetypical, rather than the technocratic. In this universe, the coldness of industrialism is replaced by the poetry, fantasy, and romance of different ages, vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment. Marcel Wanders’ work excites, provokes and polarises, but never fails to surprise, to celebrate and entertain. Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, it is his mission to create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true. marcelwanders.com 129

Photo Credit: P10 · © Xavier Reboud P11 · © Archives Baccarat P12 · © Palast Photographie P14 · © Thierry Bouët P15 · © Jean Larivière P16 · © Andrea Gentle & Marty Hyer P17 · Top Left © Baccarat | Top right © Jean Larivière | Bottom © Baccarat P18 · © Nicole Marnati P23 · © Baccarat P27 · © Baccarat P51-52 · © Shumov Denis P55 · © Palast Photographie P58-59 · © Palast Photographie P61 · © Palast Photographie P64-65 · © Palast Photographie P67 · © Laurent Parrault P69 · © Archives Baccarat P72-73 · © Laurent Parrault P77-78 · © Shumov Denis P74-75 · © Andrea Martiradonna P91-91 · © Laurent Parrault P92-93 · © Laurent Parrault P94-95 · © Laurent Parrault P98-99 · © Laurent Parrault P100-101 · © Laurent Parrault P120-123 · © Coco Olakunle P124 · © Marcel Crist Creative Directors: Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave Editor: Christie Wright Copywriting: Liliana Rodrigues, Eveline van Gaalen Photography: Valentina Zanobelli (except when stated otherwise) 3D Rendering: Dario Perez Moreno Advertisment: Alberto Riolfo Project Leaders: Jim Hannon-Tan, Mauro Martinuzzi, Ori Cohen With special thanks to the Baccarat team. For more information please contact: pr@marcelwanders.com Marcel Wanders Nieuwe Herengracht 119, Amsterdam NL marcelwanders.com All rights reserved Copyright © Marcel Wanders, 2021


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