CONCEPT From blended codes of the past and the present comes a reinterpretation of audacious and timeless masterpieces. Cut with precision, the New Antique celebrates the monumental Medici vase, a marble bell-shaped krater sculpted in Athens in the second half of the 1st century AD. The concept also hints at Baccarat's own re-issue of the ornament created in 1909 for the International Exhibition of Eastern in France. An icon brought into the contemporary moment with the bold yet elegant New Antique Vases (2014) dressed in cobalt blue, passion red, enigmatic black and clear crystal, which in their turn served as a inspiration for the New Antique Table. A playful inversion whereby a New Antique Vase was incidentally positioned upside down ignited the idea for the table. A white marble top and a rechargeable LED lighting system made the vase turn into a whimsical table with a captivating aura. 59

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