For the chandelier the studio proposed a change in shape, evolving its traditional triangular silhouette into a modern, spherical structure while respecting the details that are iconic of the Zénith chandelier. It might seem evident today, but groundbreaking at the time: a new vision of crystal that we never thought would be feasible from a creative and technical point of view and would definitely challenge the exceptional know-how of the craftsmen at the factory. Having worked on the existing shape of the arms for decades, we asked them to forget everything and come up with a new way of extending and twisting the arms. Lots of trials and test followed and many conversations with the studio. When the first prototype was ready, it was a big moment for all of us. A reinforcement that we were on to something good. The presentation that followed, of their Le Roi Soleil, was clever. An adjective that truly speaks for Marcel and Gabriele – besides being tremendously talented and creative, they know exactly where they can add value to the brand. Le Roi Soleil, is the epitome of our collaboration and a symbol of both the modernity and timelessness of Baccarat: one exceptional piece that will be sought after for many years to come. 25

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