“A new vision of Baccarat that we never thought would be feasible from a creative point of view” A PERFECT PAIR It is also through the studio that we discovered the beauty of marble. It was subtly combined with crystal for the first time in the creation of the New Antique vases. An alliance of materials that we never envisioned yet has proven to be very successful. A story that we will take even further with the 180th year anniversary of the emblematic Harcourt glass. Paying tribute to this legendary collection with a set of two Harcourt glasses executed in black and white marble. A NEW SPIRIT When I come to Marcel Wanders studio, I am looking for something specific, something innovative. The team is very strong in creating impressive pieces that have the power to generate desirability in key markets and drive business. Even more so, they know how to identify new areas and find different orientations from a design perspective: bringing in a new spirit and accompanying the brand in its evolution. The Game collection ‘Jeux de Cristal’ is one of the projects where it was clear from its start that the studio would be the right match with their experience in combining crystal with marble and ability to literarily change the game. PART OF THE FAMILY We hold long-term bonds with the designers we work with. I believe that especially the human relationships are crucial – it’s a question of loyalty and friendship. Finding a way of working together, having open conversations and the willingness to listen. All the more for Baccarat, it is important to be respectful of the past and truly understand the material, which the studio clearly does. They know each and every constraint, they comprehend the 26 be respectful of the past and truly understand the material A BRIGHT FUTURE For me, crystal is all about experience, like the Baccarat hotel in New York. A beautiful place fully dressed in crystal. In the upcoming years we will continue to explore new ways to use our exciting products and appeal to new younger audiences. Letting them know and see how amazing crystal is and how modern and versatile it can be in its use. As to our relationship with Marcel Wanders studio, it’s what stories are made of. Think about it like a big book with many different chapters that we don’t want to close, ever. So, we just have to continue writing new chapters to our endless story. Baccarat DNA and truly have much love for the brand. You know, sometimes when we are at an event and meet new people together, Gabriele refers to us as “my Baccarat family”. I think this is the true keyword in the relationship and not only for Marcel or Gabriele but the for their whole studio.

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