1 2 3 1840 DESIGN PROCESS Le Roi Soleil is an exceptional light creation that exists as a dazzling symbol of modernity. Staying true to the original design language of Baccarat's iconic ‘Zénith’ chandelier, this magnificent reinterpretation is an ode to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the manufactory artisans. With stretched and distorted branches, tassels and octagons, a perfect heavenly body was created. 72 Featuring softened angles and crystal shades with cut motifs that have been inclined to form to the curves of the chandelier, Le Roi Soleil delivers an imposing promise of a new era of light. To realise a contemporary innovation within the boundaries of a traditional typology without it losing its core qualities and wonderful refinement is no small act. Marcel Wanders studio created a chandelier that is unmistakable Baccarat yet recognisable as a new icon.

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