DESIGN APPROACH For Marcel Wanders studio, there is no higher standard than those of beauty and meaning. Throughout the creative process, the design studio reaches these benchmarks through its fundamental dedication to craftsmanship and collaboration. Bringing the human touch to design, Marcel Wanders studio is a studio that approaches its craft by eliminating the coldness of industrialism and creating a relationship that unites material and people. To produce design that is authentic, the studio embraces heritage and time-honoured processes, ensuring that the highest quality design is achieved and the ability of craftsmen is not lost. Marcel Wanders studio is at its best when designing for people, when producing human connection. The design studio strives to uplift the human spirit, by connecting with the past and bringing it into the contemporary moment, by performing cultural innovation. In this way, the studio approaches design with a purpose to bring new products to market that reveal an innovative, sustainable use of materials. By creating what the brand calls the contemporary renaissance of humanism, Marcel Wanders studio finds ways to solve a problem and enable design to fit seamlessly into people’s lifestyles and make the world a better place. Whether designing an object or an interior space, Marcel Wanders studio begins and ends these processes by considering how a person will need to experience the design or how it plays into their emotional state. Creating what is considered holistic design makes an enduring impact upon those who are moved by it. A concept put into practice at Baccarat by helping them understand how their industry and their craft can connect to people of both today and tomorrow. Marcel Wanders studio brings something that is linked to the past which is not industrial design thinking. It is not functional. It is how the company takes the most artistic approach to beauty. 21

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