timEliNe 2010 UNITED CRYSTAL WOODS Filled with poetry and beauty, ‘United Crystal Woods’ (2010) is the first collection for Baccarat, comprising four product groups: ‘La Forêt des Songes’, a series of candlesticks and vases; ‘Les Esprits des Bois’, a family of deer’s metamorphosed into exceptional candelabras; ‘Les Rois de la Forêt’, a set of four majestic vases and ‘L’Ivresse des Bois’, a collection of wine glasses and carafes engraved with the signature Nosé. 2014 NEW ANTIQUE VASES Created in a limited edition of 99 pieces, the 'New Antique Vase' is a re-interpretation of the celebrated Medicis vase. Available in deep cobalt blue, passion red, fiery amber, enigmatic black and clear crystal, these audacious masterpieces exalt beauty and excess while endlessly reflecting light. 22

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