What has it meant for you to collaborate with Baccarat? Collaborating with Baccarat is an art in itself. During a project with them, a symbiotic relationship is quickly formed. Our high standards for beauty and meaning are aligned throughout the creative process. It is uplifting to work alongside artisans, true craftsmen who take pride in the smallest of details. It is a truly rewarding experience to work with a company that strives to continually improve its global presence. It is a collaboration that has resulted in some of our most lauded designs. They allow us to be an ambassador for their world. We are able to dive into their country and to work with all that they have, to show new sides of their heritage. What people will notice about both our studio and Baccarat is that we listen to craft. We work with materials that bring out the best in our designers and craftsmen. We both try to innovate culture. Our relationship is defined by a place where craft and material go together in a contemporary way. I mean, they inspire us with their skills and their history. They do what no other company can do. And so, with them, we can do something that only we can do. 53

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