“ A long time ago, I remember... vaguely, waking up after a possibly... long sleep. With my head on the table, distorted, and surrounded by too many beautiful empty glasses, I opened my eyes to an autumn forest of emptied crystal trees. What once made the trees colourful was gone, only a few splashes, dried out pools randomly scattered over my table of friends remained. I arose in the forest of the united crystals. Too much light forcing me to close my eyes, too many sparkles for a heavy night, boys will always be boys. Soon, my imagination drifted – another strange forest. Here, the trees were bathing in the lights of four different suns. Light hit the crystal dewdrop-trees, the kings of the forest, in their own special seasonal manner. Four royal trees attracted these rays of light. This was the forest of eternal evolution; always changing order, flavour and position. Then, it was silent again when I entered the most remote and hidden of the forests of the united crystals, the forest of the lost dreams. Here the most captivating of all forests lived. It was the forest of the lost species. During the day, the forest was quiet. At night, it would wake up and gently wander around, towering over the united forest. Instead of being animated by trees, it was a forest of deer, hosting all other species, silent and invisible. Ultimately, I would wake again, my mouth dry as cardboard and my head, the weight of the entire table inside. This little journey ended with the sound of a slamming door... No reason... Welcome forest of the lost species... Are you going to take me home? „ – Marcel Wanders 31

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