FAUX FUR CUSHIONS & THROWS In the living room cushion rib brown bear 45x45cm FXKSRB cushion rib brown bear 30x50cm FXHKRB throw rib brown bear 130x170cm FXTRRB cushion rib beige bear 45x45cm FXKSRBG cushion rib beige bear 30x50cm FXHKRBG throw rib beige bear 130x170cm FXTRRBG cushion ostrich 45x45cm YMKSSV cushion ostrich 30x50cm YMHKSV throw ostrich 130x170 / 220x240cm YMTRSV / YMTRLSV cushion soft taupe 45x45cm YMKST cushion soft taupe 30x50cm YMHKT 32 throw soft taupe 130x170 / 220x240cm YMKLT / YMKLLT

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