Interview with PGA Could you tell us something about yourself? What’s up? My name is Mohamed Khalil and I’m this year’s President of the General Assembly (PGA). I’m 16 years old, I play basketball and I go to the gym once in a while ;). I’m in my fifth year on the Alfrink College and after my graduation I want to study medicine on the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. What has been your best MUN experience so far? MUNA 2018, when I was in the Crisis Committee as the UK. My partner and I had done only little preparation, but we still managed to nail the debates and pass multiple amendments. What is your favourite part of MUNs? What’s not? However, if I had to choose one thing, it would be the party. The gossip box, plenary session and meeting new people would be my honourable mentions. What do you like about being the PGA? I chose to be PGA so I could be Chair as well. Which was something still missing from the tasks I have already done in MUNs. Furthermore, I find politics very interesting so doing research for this year’s issues was ‘fun’. What is it that you don’t like about being the PGA? Finding guest speakers that fit to the issues was by far the most difficult task. I tried so many different things; I even called the EU to ask if there was someone willing to give a guest lesson about nuclear weapons, sadly enough without success. Is there any advice you would give first time delegates? Being shy is no problem at MUNA. We as Chairs are here to help you grow and allow you to try. So, don’t shy away and instead try to talk as much as possible. I know that it’s easier said than done, but you don’t have to start with giving a whole speech about a resolution. Perhaps start of simple with a point of information. Also use your lobby time as a way to connect with the other delegates, it will make things a lot less awkward and perhaps you will make some friends. 10

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