Excursion programme All foreign students and MUN-directors will go on a fun and educational excursion on Wednesday morning. This will be very exciting as the students will get a chance to visit a unique place in the Netherlands. One of the excursions will be at the Humanity House. This offers an intriguing experience as you will find out what it would be like to suddenly have to leave your house and flee. A guest speaker will be present who will talk about his or her experience with fleeing from home. It offers a short but powerful tour that is both educating and at times a bit scary. Another trip goes to the Peace Palace. The Peace Palace holds the International Court of Justice, which is also a committee we have at the MUNA conference! So, if you are interested in what it all looks like in real life, this is the place to be. The building has truly beautiful architecture both inside and outside. In the Gevangenenpoort (translated: prison gate) you can see and experience how people were locked up, judged and punished in the past. In which cells were they stuck? Was there a difference between poor and rich prisoners? Where did they hear their verdict? And what penalties were given? You will hear everything about this during a tour with a guide. A few important moments in Dutch history took place here, such as the murder of the De Witt brothers. During this tour you will also be able to see the national collection of torture and punishment tools in the museum. And last but not least, the Staten-Generaal Tour. This tour takes you to the Ridderzaal, the First and Second Chamber. As a result, you will not only hear stories about the current use of the Binnenhof, but also get a complete overview of the special history of this place. Who ordered the construction of the Ridderzaal? What happens on Prince's Day? And finally, what exactly is going on in the First and Second chamber? After the excursions you will get some free time in The Hague to go shopping, eat some lunch or just stroll around. Whatever you do, we hope you will have a great time! The excursions will take place on Wednesday February 5 from 8:15 to 13:45. 13

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