Appendices Here, you will find all the extra information you need in order to make your experience as a delegate at MUNA go as smoothly as possible. The appendices include: an approval panel infographic, a list with MUN-terminology, a list of points and motions, a list of introductory phrases, a sample resolution, a sample charge for the ICJ, and a sample game for the HC. Approval panel infographic Write or improve resolution and find cosubmitters Improve resolution Main submitter disapproved Send to chair ga(number)munalfrink@gmail.com (f.e. ga1munalfrink@gmail.com ) Subject e-mail should read: committee - main submitter - issue - 1 approved Approval Panel approved DONE! :) disapproved second time SORRY :( Resolution cannot be handed in again disapproved first time Put marked first version on hand back table Send improved version to apmunalfrink@gmail.com Subject e-mail should read: committee - main submitter - issue - 2 - abbreviation of teacher who marked first version 16

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