List of introductory phrases Every clause of your resolution has to start with one of the phrases stated below. There are separate phrases for pre-ambulatory clauses and operative clauses. Some phrases only delegates of the Security Council are allowed to use (of course they can also use the other phrases). These phrases are listed separately. Pre-ambulatory phrases Acknowledging Affirming Alarmed by Approving Aware of Bearing in mind Believing Confident Congratulating Conscious Contemplating Convinced Declaring Deeply concerned Deeply conscious Operative phrases Affirms Approves Asks Authorizes Calls for Calls upon Confirms Congratulates Emphasizes Encourages Endorses Hopes Insists Expresses its appreciation Invites Expresses its hope Further invites Further proclaims Further recommends Further requests Further resolves Proclaims Proposes Reaffirms Recommends Regrets Requests 19 Resolves Seeks Stresses Strongly affirms Strongly urges Suggests Supports Trusts Urges Deeply convinced Deeply disturbed Deeply regretting Desiring Emphasizing Expecting Having considered Pointing out Having devoted attention Reaffirming Having examined Having heard Realizing Recalling Having received Having studied Expressing its appreciation Keeping in mind Expressing its concern Noting Expressing its satisfaction Noting further Fully alarmed Fully aware Fully believing Further recalling Guided by Having adopted Recognizing Referring Reminding Seeking Stressing Noting with appreciation Taking into account Noting with approval Noting with deep concern Taking note Noting with regret Noting with satisfaction Welcoming Observing Taking into consideration Viewing with appreciation

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