Sample game HC Spring, 1901 England: A Liv.-Yor. F Lon.-North Sea F Edi.-Norw. Sea Germany: A Ber.-Kiel A Mun.-Ruhr F Kiel-Den. Russia: A Mos.-Ukr. A War.-Gal. F St. P.-Both. F Sev.-Bla. Turkey: A Con.-Bull A Smy.-Con. F Ank.-Bla. Austria-Hungary: A Vie.-Tri. A Bud.-Gal. F Tri.-Alb. Italy: A Ven.-Pie. A Rome-yen. F Nap.-Ion. France: A Par.-Burl A Mar.-Spa. F Bre.Pic. All these moves succeed, except that the two pieces ordered to the Black Sea and the two ordered to Galicia do not move. As the moves are read, it is a good idea to move each block so that an end or corner projects into the space to which it has been ordered. As soon as the proper result is clear, the piece should be pushed over into its new position or back to its old one. Retreats: none. Fall, 1901 England: A Yor.-Norway F North Sea C A Yor.-Norway F Norw. Sea-Bar. Germany: A Kiel-Hol. A Ruhr-Bel. F Stands Russia: A Ukr S F Sev.-Rum. A War.-Gal. F Both.-Swe. F Sev.-Rum. Turkey: A Bull-Ser. A Con.-Bull F Ank.-Bla. Austria-Hungary: A Tri. Stand A Bud.-Ser. F Alb.-Gre. Italy: A yen. Stands A Pie.-Mar. F Ion.-Tun. France: A Burl, Mar. A Spa.-Por. F Pic.-Bel. All of these moves succeed, except that the two pieces ordered to Belgium, Marseilles, and Serbia do not move, and the move Con.-Bull does not succeed. Retreats: none. England builds F Edi., Germany builds F Kiel and A Mun., Russia builds A St. P. and A Sev., Turkey builds A Smy., Austria-Hungary builds A Vie., Italy builds F Naples, France builds F Marseilles. France builds one for Portugal, but none for Spain, which her army passed through in the Spring. Spring, 1902 Germany: A Hol. Bell A Ruhr S Hol.-Bell A Mun.-Burl F Den. Stands F Kiel-Hol. Russia: A Ukr. S F Rum. A Gall-Bud. A St. P.-Norway A Sev. S F Rum. F Swe. S St. P.-Norway F Rum. Stands Turkey: A Bull-Rum. A Con.-Bull A Smy.-Arm. F Bla. S Bull-Rum. Austria-Hungary: A Tri.-Bud. A Vie.-Bud' A Bud.Ser. F Stands Italy: A yen. Stands A Pie.-Mar. F Tun.-W Med. F Nap.-Tyr. France: A Burl S F Pic.-Bell A Por.-Spa. F Pic.-Bell F Mar. Stands England: A Nor.-St. P. F North Sea-Norway F Bar. S Nor.-St. P. F Edi.-North Sea Only the following moves take place: Hol.-Bell, Kiel-Hol., Smy.-Arm., Bud.-Ser., Tun.-W. Med., Nap.-Tyr., Por.-Spa. Note that Norway and St. Petersburg are adjacent by land at the extreme north. Here two armies clashed, each with one support. Since they have equal strength behind them and each is trying to occupy the position of the other, the result is a stand-off. Note also that Sweden and Norway are adjacent along a coast line at the south, thus the fleet in Sweden can support an attack on Norway. The supporting move Burl S F Pic.-Bel. was "cut" by the attack of the German piece in Munich. The Austro-Hungarian fleet could not have supported the action in Serbia, because the fleet cannot move to an inland province, therefore cannot support in such a province. Retreats: none. Fall, 1902 Germany: A Ruhr-Burl A Mun. S Ruhr-Burl A Bell S Ruhr-Burl F Den.-Swe. F Hol. S A Bell Russia: A St. P.-Norway F Swe. S St. P.-Norw. F Rum. S A Sev. A Sev. S F Rum.AGal.SFRum.AUkr.SASev. Turkey: A Bull-Rum. A Con.-Bull A Arm.-Sev. F S A Bull-Rum. Austria-Hungary: A Vie.-Gal. A Tri.-Bud. A Ser. S Turk. A Bull Rum. F Stands Italy: A yen.-Pie. A Pie.-Mar. F W Med.-Mid. F Tyr.-Gulf of L. France: A Burl-Bell F Pic. S Burl-Bell A Spa. S F Mar. F Mar. S A Spa. England: A Norw.-St. P. F Bar. S Norw.-St. P. F North Sea-Norway F Edi.-North Sea The following moves take place: Norw.-St. P., North Sea-Norway, Edi.-North Sea, Ruhr-Burl, Bull-Rum., Con.-Bull, Tri.-Bud., W. Med.-Mid., Tyr., Gulf of L., Russian F Rum. is annihilated. Retreats: Russia, St. P.-Mos.; France, Burl-Gas. Germany builds F Kiel, Russia removes A Gal., Turkey builds F Smyrna, Austria-Hungary builds A Tri., Italy does not change, France builds A Paris, England builds F Lon. 23

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