Sponsors We are very happy to present this year’s sponsors of the MUNA 2020 conference. A big thank you goes out to all of our sponsors who have been supporting MUNA for many years now. However, we would also like to thank a couple of new sponsors for supporting this special 15th edition of MUNA. We all hope that MUNA will be able to rely on this amazing support for many more years to come. One of the funds that has been supporting MUNA for a lot of years is ‘Fonds 1818’. Fonds 1818 is an organisation committed to creating a better society and we are very happy to announce that MUNA is again one of the projects that is offered financial support. A new sponsor for our 2020 conference is ‘The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds’; a fund that supports culture, nature and science in the Netherlands. In particular, we would like to thank the Mr. J.G. Hoogland Fonds, which supports language-based projects and focuses mainly on young people. Also, many thanks to the Theo Quené Fonds, which aims at promoting knowledge about languages and the use of them. Many thanks go out to two other organisations that have been supporting MUNA for a couple of years as well: ‘Ik ben geweldig’ and ‘JIP Zoetermeer’. Furthermore, we would like to thank AAC Engineers and Constructors, an amazing new sponsor, for offering our conference financial support this year. Then last but not least, a big thank you goes out to Albert Heijn De Leyens for sponsoring our 15th conference with a lot of healthy snacks! 25

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