Meet the staff Romy & Anne-Floor Maaike & Dominique Romy Jansen — Head of Admins — @roomxj Nickname: Roomsoes Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 4 Fun fact: I’m always late Relationship status: Single Anne-Floor Harms — Head of Admins — @a.nnefloor Nickname: Floor / An Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 1 Fun fact: When I was young I asked my parents if I could sleep in the alphaBED (as if it were a bed filled with letters..) Relationship status: Single Maaike van Lochem — Registration Manager — @maaike.lx Nickname: Don’t have one Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 3 Fun fact: I’m a swimming coach Relationship status: Single Dominique Schouten — Head of Charity — @dominiqueischouten Nickname: Do Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 2 Fun fact: I have never lost a Mario Kart game against my friends Relationship status: Single Shirisha & Jadyn Sophie & Frederique Shirisha Manbodh — Head of Party — @shirishaxx Nickname: Shir Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 3 Fun fact: My sister threw a book to my head when I was younger and I now still have a scar Relationship status: Single Jadyn Sadhinoch — Head of Party — @jadynalysha Nickname: Jay Age: 17 How many MUN(s): This is my first MUN Fun fact: I’m half Indonesian but still white Relationship status: Taken Sophie van den Berg — Housing Manager & Head of Approval Panel — @_sophievdb_ Nickname: Soof Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 2 Fun fact: I have a hamster named Whiskey Relationship status: Single Frederique de Vries — Head of MUNAgazine — @freddie.nl Nickname: Fré / Fred / Freddie / Fredder Age: 16 How many MUN(s): This will be my first MUN! Fun fact: I don’t tan, I freckle ;) Relationship status: Single! 7

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