Rm 655 v petrol mower 173 cm3 . 2.6 kW/3.5 HP . 46kg Powerful petrol lawn mower with cutting height adjustment. Cutting width: 53 cm Grass catcher box capacity: 70 Litres Max lawn size: >2,500 m2 Rm 2 r 18” mulch mower Rm 4 rtp mulch mower 2,900 rpm . 2.1 kW/3.8 HP . 22 kg For natural and sustainable lawn care, the fine grass clippings fall back onto the turf as a nutritional fertiliser after mowing. Cutting width: 46 cm. Lawn siz 1,500m2 173 cm3 . 2.6 kW/3.5 HP . 44kg Manoeuvrable, efficient petrol mulching power. Central cutting height adjustment and 1 speed front wheel. Cutting width: 53cm Lawn size: medium WAS €1,185 NOW €1,099 €86 SAVE RM 655 VS PETROL MO 173 cm3 . 2.6 kW/3.5HP easy start engine Start up with minimal effort. Vario selfdrive Adapt speed o mowe WAS €1,278 NOW Blade Brake Clutch Disengages the blade and engine to protect the crankshaft. 6 €1,249 €29 SAVE €439 €1,065 Powerful petrol lawn mower for large lawn areas, with central cut-height adjustment and comfort handlebar. Cutting width: 53cm Perfectly designed for large lawns up to: 2,500 m². Grass catcher box capacity: 70 Litres.

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