DryFlexx, for indoors and outdoors. For indoor use, comfort is more important than drying time. DryFlexx cushions sit and lie comfortably while we can make them thinner than average cushions. What works very spatially on board and in other mobile use. Normal thickness or modern thin, you can fold down on a DryFlexx cushion without feeling the surface. In addition, due to the placement, filling and density of the springs, we can also make the comfort locally exactly as you want. DryFlexx, super thin is cool. Every hospitality professional wants to offer his guests comfort and style, DryFlexx cushions are comfortable and if desired modern thin. Up to half thinner than old-fashioned pillows. The minimum thickness while maintaining the exceptional DryFlexx comfort is 9 centimeters. That is not only excellent and also looks cutting edge. All in all, we can safely call DryFlexx "The smart pillow".

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