No cause for concern Dryflexx cushions are forgotten a rainshower in no time DryFlexx. The first smart cushion for outdoor use.

WATER PERMEABLE DAST DRYING MINIMUM THICKNESS MAXIMUM COMFORT Dryflexx is a combination of professional use of materials and innovation based on experience Central to this is a stainless and light coil spring made of Polyoxymethylene, which is the core of our idea

Specially developed Polyoxymethylene spring and SG50 water-permeable foam In 2015, Perida Maritime started developing a water-permeable seat cushion. The yacht building and hospitality sector had a need for quick-drying cushions for outdoor use. Because the filling of pillows usually consists of foam, soaked pillows are unusable for a long time. There are water-permeable foams, but the foam volume decreases with use. A solution is; incorporate springs into the foam body. But if a cushion lets water through, you cannot use steel springs. Even the best rust coatings ultimately cannot prevent the cushion from becoming unusable due to rust stains. That is why DryFlexx developed in close collaboration with an expert plastic springs especially for seat and recliner cushions. This stainless spring has sufficient dynamic resistance and a large support base. The DryFlexx combination of the plastic spring in open SG50 foam is free of absorbent materials and optimally permeable to water. Ultimately, however, the water-permeable properties of the cover material determine the drying time. It goes without saying that a water-permeable upholstery fabric is ideal. We are happy to advise you on the available fabrics. If you choose a traditional fabric; then DryFlexx ensures that your pillow does not become a sponge.

DryFlexx, for indoors and outdoors. For indoor use, comfort is more important than drying time. DryFlexx cushions sit and lie comfortably while we can make them thinner than average cushions. What works very spatially on board and in other mobile use. Normal thickness or modern thin, you can fold down on a DryFlexx cushion without feeling the surface. In addition, due to the placement, filling and density of the springs, we can also make the comfort locally exactly as you want. DryFlexx, super thin is cool. Every hospitality professional wants to offer his guests comfort and style, DryFlexx cushions are comfortable and if desired modern thin. Up to half thinner than old-fashioned pillows. The minimum thickness while maintaining the exceptional DryFlexx comfort is 9 centimeters. That is not only excellent and also looks cutting edge. All in all, we can safely call DryFlexx "The smart pillow".

YACHTING LEISURE HOSPITALITY OUTDOOR 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Water-permeable outer cover or quality fabric for indoor use. Non-woven Hydrophobic Dacron coating, for that rich touch and appearance Hydrophobic sealing layer. SG50 Hydro-blast high performance foam body. Provide additional resistance locally by filling the spring cylinders with open cell foam. Polyoxymethylene spring resistant to high dynamic loads. The shape causes the spring does not attack the foam body. The single winding allows optimal springing, even on a hard surface you can plop down on the cushion without feeling the surface. Note. In case the cushions lie on a non-draining surface, a 5mm thin open 3D nylon mat is sufficient to let the water drain.

LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORTABLE FAST DRY SUSTAINABLE Two 500 gram foam blocks are saturated with water. Both blocks are then placed on an open grid for 5 hours at room temperature to dry. The blocks are weighed for five hours to determine how much water is left in the foam structure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The blocks are saturated 60 minutes later, the traditional pillow still contains 70% water 60 minutes later, the DryFlexx cushion still contains 48% water 5 hours later, the traditional pillow still contains 63% water 5 hours later, the DryFlexx cushion is practically dry

Open cell foam structure: Treated with a long-acting anti-microbial against mold. The regular and firm open cell formation is created by the Hydro-Blast method. The right quality of material, the thickness and openness of the cell structure ensure rapid passage of water and ventilating air. Without the spring elements, the usual open foams lose noticeable volume. Thanks to the combination of SG50 and the Polyamide springs, your cushions stay nice and tight and the suspension stays as it should. By locally filling the cylinders of the springs with SG50 or SG30, we can increase the spring resistance, if desired. This allows you to fine-tune your seating comfort to your wishes. Drying time. The difference between traditional cushions and DryFlexx in numbers™ 100% 1 hour 75% 50% 25% DryFlexx™ pillow 0% traditional pillow 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours

DryFlexx. The first smart cushion for outdoor use. Perida Maritime Creators of Dryflexx www.peridamaritime.com

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