Specially developed Polyoxymethylene spring and SG50 water-permeable foam In 2015, Perida Maritime started developing a water-permeable seat cushion. The yacht building and hospitality sector had a need for quick-drying cushions for outdoor use. Because the filling of pillows usually consists of foam, soaked pillows are unusable for a long time. There are water-permeable foams, but the foam volume decreases with use. A solution is; incorporate springs into the foam body. But if a cushion lets water through, you cannot use steel springs. Even the best rust coatings ultimately cannot prevent the cushion from becoming unusable due to rust stains. That is why DryFlexx developed in close collaboration with an expert plastic springs especially for seat and recliner cushions. This stainless spring has sufficient dynamic resistance and a large support base. The DryFlexx combination of the plastic spring in open SG50 foam is free of absorbent materials and optimally permeable to water. Ultimately, however, the water-permeable properties of the cover material determine the drying time. It goes without saying that a water-permeable upholstery fabric is ideal. We are happy to advise you on the available fabrics. If you choose a traditional fabric; then DryFlexx ensures that your pillow does not become a sponge.

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