Open cell foam structure: Treated with a long-acting anti-microbial against mold. The regular and firm open cell formation is created by the Hydro-Blast method. The right quality of material, the thickness and openness of the cell structure ensure rapid passage of water and ventilating air. Without the spring elements, the usual open foams lose noticeable volume. Thanks to the combination of SG50 and the Polyamide springs, your cushions stay nice and tight and the suspension stays as it should. By locally filling the cylinders of the springs with SG50 or SG30, we can increase the spring resistance, if desired. This allows you to fine-tune your seating comfort to your wishes. Drying time. The difference between traditional cushions and DryFlexx in numbers™ 100% 1 hour 75% 50% 25% DryFlexx™ pillow 0% traditional pillow 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours

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