FIT FOR THE FUTURE Plantify Partners Europe Royal Lemkes is a subsidiary of Plantify Partners Europe (PPE), a European network of family firms active in the horticulture sector. Plantify Partners work together to enable their companies, employees, customers and business partners to grow sustainably. PPE was founded in 2020 with Royal Lemkes and the Belgian company Floréac as the first Plantify Partners. Strength of family firms Owner of PPE and Royal Lemkes Cees van der Meij explains: “Royal Lemkes and Floréac share a common culture and vision for the future that has resulted in a fruitful partnership. Both companies are healthy family firms with long traditions and strong identities, attributes that shine through in our business cultures and longstanding relationships with the retail partners we supply. This is why we believe in the strength of local family firms." Cees continues: "With PPE, we aim to forge a network of European plant trading companies to preserve these unique identities while seeking colla boration whenever possible. Together, we can respond to the need for larger economies of scale and professionalisation as well as new trends in Cees van der Meij Owner of PPE & Royal Lemkes local-for-local and international production.” According to Managing Director Michiel de Haan, working with Floréac has proven highly effective: “We learn from one another, benefit from each other’s strengths and work hard to achieve synergies.” Fit for the Future “PPE enables us to supply our retailers even more effectively”, says Michiel. “We open up local production areas, create cost efficiency using economies of scale and learn and innovate together. In their respective production areas, Floréac and Royal Lemkes serve as logistics hubs. Thanks to their strategic locations and well-organised logistics, both companies can deliver their products reliably across the continent.” Cees adds: “A fit family firm looks to the future and focuses on people and the environment to benefit the next generation. As anticipating market trends and continued development are key to being fit for the future, collaboration between specialised family businesses means PPE is a perfect example of sustainable entrepreneurship.” Huib Kranendonk Commercieel Directeur Michiel de Haan Managing Director Royal Lemkes

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